Friday, January 14, 2011

Writing Speed

There are some times when my fingers fly across the keyboard. Words tumble out as I'm pulled along by the story. I don't take a lot of time to really craft the words - I save that for the editing stage. That's how I normally work.

Other times, like last night, I take my sweet time. I savor each word, carefully molding it to fit the vision in my head. My word count is significantly lower when I do this, but it simply doesn't matter. What does matter is the rush of satisfaction and joy I get by experimenting with words.

How about you? Do you write slow and savor your words or do you save that for the editing stage?


  1. Melissa,
    I could have written this very post myself! That is exactly how I write too-sometimes fast, working hard just to get all my thought down on paper before I lose them-and other times it's as if I already know every word, and I take pleasure writing down each and every one.

    I'm glad we have this in common:)

  2. I'm writing too fast at the moment... and the only writing I'm actually doing is blogging! Doesn't feel as if I have enough time to write the way I want to write... slowly is what I prefer. I love being able to write slowly, creating a verbal work of art.

  3. I always write very slowly. Oftentimes it's delicious. Other times it's frustrating.

    Have a great weekend. : )

  4. I usually write slowly, carefully considering what I'm saying, and where I need it to go.

  5. I'm a slow poke in that sense. I really like to feel the words and craft my sentences.

  6. Valerie - We sure do have lots in common! Hope we can meet someday in "real life" over a cup of coffee (Diet Pepsi for me, though!). :-)

    Erin - I loved your blog post today, the way you described the ingredients of the dishes was perfect. Excellent writing! I love "verbal work of art", too. Great way to put it.

    Rebecca - Delicious writing. Ah, yes...I love that, too! :-)

    Joanne - I think when I read your blog posts, I get a sense that each one of your words is very carefully chosen. They are always so well done.

    T. Anne - "Feel" the words...I like that. I was doing that last night while I was writing, letting each word slide onto the page and seeing if it would fit or not.

  7. I think I type at the speed my mind is going for the scene--I guess I don't take time to feel the words like maybe I should.

  8. I do both as well. And I think I love both moments equally. They feel sooo good.

  9. When my muse is on my back and I'm in the zone - its me writing like a crazy person. Another day it will take all day to write two paragraphs. ;)

    Have a fab weekend!

  10. I'm a s l o w writer, because I often fall into category #2. It's painstaking because of time, but envigorating because of creativity.

  11. Edit? Edit? I usually write so fast and want to get to "done" that I forget all about editing. Thank goodness for spell check and e-mail recall functions.

  12. I do both, I suppose. It depends on the scene I'm working on at the time. Sometimes, the words come slowly and I think about each and every one. More often though, I can see the scene and want to get it down on paper/screen in case I lose the image. Whichever way I do it, I always find that it takes me an age to do the editing and final polish.

  13. I write depending on my moods. Sometimes it's slow and I take my time to enjoy ever word, but on other occasions I have to type as the words seem to spill from my brain through my fingers.

  14. Depends on what's happening on the page...if the story is unspooling in my head, my fingers fly to keep up. If I'm feeling my way along, then it's one word at a time...

  15. Terri - Some scenes do go faster than others, true. I think there are times when I intentionally slow down if the scene calls for it.

    Colene - Amen!

    Talei - Me, too. I hate those days when all you can manage is a few paragraphs!

    Janna - I can tell that you choose your words with care. It shows in your writing. :-)

    Jasmina - I like to wait until I'm completely done with the novel before I edit, but sometimes I cheat a little...

    Shirley - I'm the same - some scenes almost write themselves while others take an age.

    Debs - My moods definitely affect my writing speed, too.

    Christine - I like that description. I do the same - if it's a scene where I'm not quite sure where I'm going, it takes me longer to write.

  16. For the most part I'll write my first draft fast, but once in a while I'll slow down and try really think about my word choices.

  17. Patti - Me, too! It's a nice balance sometimes. :-)

  18. Martin Santos1:23 PM

    I like to write in typewriters... And to write fast - even using only 7 fingers. After the text is finished, give it one or two weeks before I read it again and start cutting, altering, etc. It's the way that works for me.

  19. Martin - There's just something about a typewriter that makes you feel more like an old-fashioned writer, I think. :-)

  20. Martin Santos12:21 PM

    Melissa - In fact I didn't start typewriting because i wanted to be an old fashioned writer. Typewriter was a first glance love, when I was 9 y.o.

    Typewriters always make me think about writing something concrete, as I can listen the writing, see and touch (ever to smell, with these new ribbons) the text.

    But by now, I really feels like a kind of Dash Hammett. Now I just need to learn how to write like him. :)


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