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Blog Carnival: Where I Write

Welcome to the 2010 edition of Where I Write! We're featuring the writing spaces of some of the blogosphere's most awesome writers, published and unpublished alike!

Whether it's on the couch with the laptop or a cozy nook of the living room, writers have a special place to call their own. So without further ado, here's some links to a terrific collection of creativity portals!

I'll start things off. This is where I write most of the time: my living room. Since I sit at a desk all day at work, I like to take my laptop (which doesn't have an internet connection) and lounge on the couch. Besides, I love this room! It's so relaxing and peaceful.

But I  do most of my "business" writing - sending queries and emails, internet research, and printing out manuscript pages here:

On to the rest!

Lawyer, economist, and finance, food, books, and travel writer (whew! This is one busy gal!), Jasmina Boulanger of the blog East of Paris has an amazing writing spot. Oh, I am envious! I need a comfortable, easy chair like Jasmine's that I can put close to my desk so I can nap, er, write. 

Christine Fletcher, published author of two wonderful young adult novels, lives in the Pacific Northwest. A veterinarian, She shares her various writing spaces  with her fellow furry writing companions over at her blog, Piccallili. How could you not be creative with such loveable creatures helping out?

Historical novelist and soon-to-be full-fledged librarian, Tess Eckford, lives in a Canadian log cabin with her husband and two adorable kitties. Tess and I have been blog buddies since I started blogging over 5 years ago, and you couldn't find a more wonderful, thoughtful person! Check out her cozy writing spot.

Soon-to-be published Carina Press author Kelly Boyce recently revamped her writing spot. She has a rambunctious (and adorable) Golden Retriever pup who helps out around the place. Too cute!

Another published novelist, Cathie Dunn, lives in the U.K. and writes historical romantic mysteries. Sounds intriguing! She also shares her writing spot with a few furry friends (am I sensing a pattern?) and also has lots of books to keep her company.

Published author LoRee Peery has a cozy office which I have personally seen! Since she doesn't have a blog yet, she generously shared this "Where I Write" post and gave me the perfect description of her writing space:

Where I Write

Where haven’t I written is the greater question. And I kind of miss those places I frequented before I had a room of my own. My room came about after son Clark moved away from home—the third time. He’s an adult and needed his own place. I had outgrown my corner of the master bedroom. I needed a room of my own. So I made an upstairs bedroom into my study. Before I think about what clutters my room (until I need it ), I want to remember the places I used to write.

The first place I remember writing is a century-old, scarred wooden desk, including ink well, at District 56. That one-room country school with the oil heater in the middle of the room is where the world opened up to me. After that, I wrote in my diary on my twin-size bed on the Neligh farm.

Fast forward through all the classrooms to keeping a journal, where I took notes at the kitchen table or curled up in the corner of a couch. When the desire to write-for-real hit, I started at the kitchen table, progressed to a desk with one narrow, antique bookcase in the corner of our bedroom, where my first purchased-in-1990 computer sat.

I’ve written most nature-related nonfiction outside. What places I’ve settled into! I have camped in the ash grove on my family farm (no longer ours; a cornfield now). I’ve sat on fallen logs, leaned against tree trunks, even rested a tablet on a fence post. An iron bench, table, and chairs wait for me on my front porch. In my gardens are an iron patio chair, a glider, and a bench.

When I begin a new project, or ideas come 24/7, I take notes wherever I am. I’ve dripped out of the shower for pen and paper. Toothpaste has escaped my mouth while I jot down something I would forget otherwise. I’ve scribbled phrases on the church bulletin instead of taking notes from the pulpit (and said, “Sorry, Lord,” as I wrote). Aside from that craziness, I need pen and pad to outline, brainstorm, create.

Once I know where I’m going with a novel or essay, I go to my room. My room houses eight oak bookcases. My husband built two, and six came from Contemporary Woods. They hold mostly hardcovers, well over 1,000. On top are special collections of books and Gone with the Wind collectibles. Sprinkled throughout the shelves are other special items from former coworkers, family, friends, and writing events.

File cabinets are tucked in the closet, along with crates of filled journals and paperback “keepers.” My TBR stack and a tote I’ll pass on to my daughter, wait on the floor. Novels are stored in decorative rectangle boxes in the center of the room.

My desk is an antique I refinished. It features a drawer almost as big as the desktop, with deep secrets going back to 1990. The stained glass Tiffany lamp is a retirement gift from coworkers in Modern Languages at UNL. I hadn’t realized I needed a lamp until they gave it to me.

I edit and revise with paper and pen in hand, anywhere: In the car, in motels, on retreat, coffee shops and/or book stores; at the kitchen table, outside, or in my recliner. Then I take the scribbled pages to my computer, where it waits for me, in a room of my own.

Hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into these writers' creative spaces. Thanks to everyone who participated!

P.S. I think we need to do another blog carnival on writers' pets. What do you think?


  1. What a great inside look at writing! Melissa I love how you have separate writing spaces, one for creative work, one for business. A nice way to get into the right writing zone. I'm off to check out the others ...

  2. Melissa, I love your writing spaces! Your living room is beautiful. And there is something about writing on a couch, isn't there? :)

    Off to peek at the others!

  3. Love the pics of your writing spaces, Melissa - I can imagine you on the couch tapping away on your laptop :) And I love your desk area!!!

  4. I love these! So neat to see where people write. Thanks, everyone, for sharing! Makes me want to re-do my own writing area, which is also my day job area -- NOT the best plan for healthy writing, as I'm quite sick of that desk and chair by 5 pm. But I don't have a laptop, so it's the desk or hand writing in a notebook.

  5. All the writing rooms were both interesting and lovely. I am very jealous! Also, I think a blog carnival on writers pets would be fascinating. I suspect we all have a witch-like similarity in familiars ;)

  6. Melissa, you had another great idea. Thanks for posting my LOOOOONG missive. After seeing your tidy business desk, I am convinced I need to clean. But it's so much more fun to write.

  7. Melissa, what a wonderful idea. Thank you for the fun chance to poke our noses into other writers' offices and workspaces. I enjoyed my round trip immensely.

    I love your living room. So stylish. So uncluttered! It just oozes historical inspirations.

    Oh, and yes, a blog about writers' pets is a fab idea as I've just discovered not just writers' workspaces but also work companions. :-)

  8. What a great blog post idea Melissa! And thanks for the profile. It was great getting some new people over to visit. Love the look of the blog (very autumn-y). And I think a pet carnival would be a great idea!

  9. Needless to say, I too think the idea of a pet carnival is fantastic!

  10. I'm glad you're all enjoying it! It's so neat to see where we all create.

    And yes, I think I'm definitely going to do a "writers' pets" blog carnival soon!

  11. So jealous of your living room. It's VERY cozy. =] I'm off to other people's spaces!

  12. What a great post. I love looking at other writers' spaces - except they all look so tidy and put me to shame.
    I have a lovely *small* office but I too like to lounge around on the couch and write.

    The writers' pets blog carnival is a great idea. My dogs keep appearing everywhere. They're so much nicer to look at than me so they're my official press pic now. :)

  13. Your writing spaces are so neat and tidy. They look inviting! Right now, I'm in our home office and it is a dusty, cluttered mess. Time to clean this baby out!

  14. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I definitely want to read more on this blog soon. By the way, rather good design you have at this blog, but what do you think about changing it every few months?

  15. Wonderful spaces. Your first room is so cozy and inviting.

  16. Great idea, Melissa. I just found this today. Some fantastic writing spots and great photography! If you do writer's pets, I'll join in that one.


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