Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Extra Pounds, Begone!

In the last year and a half, I've lost 25 pounds. I really wish it had been more, but for some reason, I will hit a plateau and stay on it for months at a time. Eventually, the weight will start budging again.

Unfortunately, I've gained at least 5 pounds back in the last month and that makes me supremely unhappy. It cannot be due to a lack of exercise since my calendar shows that I've been pretty faithful with it (I like to mark every day that I exercise). I take lots of bike rides and walks, but sadly, since my gym closed, I haven't done any strength training. I plan to remedy that since my apartment complex has a nice gym. (And it's free!)

I think the surgery I had a few months ago (had an ovary removed) and the resulting messed up hormones had something to do with the weight gain. Plus, when I don't feel good, I tend to bury myself in bad-for-me food. How I justify this, I don't know. But it's something I need to really watch.

I didn't eat very well this weekend, what with picnics and family get-togethers and the whole snacking on the road thing (when you have 400 miles of interstate to cover, snacking relieves boredom!). But now that the holiday weekend is over and life is settling down again, I'm determined to get back on track, lose those 5 lbs., plus about 25 or 30 more. That's the goal, anyway.

Does your weight fluctuate? How do you handle it?


  1. Somehow I missed that you had an ovary removed....sorry I missed that! Glad that everything seems to be healing. I'm about to have a kidney and gallbladder removed, so I'm about to enter that world.

    I deal with weight gain not very well I'm afraid. I refuse to buy fat clothes, so my wardrobe tends to get very repetitive. LOL! Good luck with shedding the extra lbs! It being summer, maybe you can sweat them off! At least down here in SE Texas you could. It is sweltering.

  2. I'm a walker, and walk wherever and whenever I can. I think that helps, and I do watch what I eat as I keep walking exercises in my days, walking laps, the neighborhood, a mall. I'd love to bike ride, but don't really have any paths or trails close by :/

  3. I had good intentions for losing weight this summer, but that's all they were 'intentions'.

    Good luck with your weightloss.

  4. You can do it Mo! If you're like me, the hot weather does nothing for me when it comes to having any motivation to work out. I bet once it cools off you'll quickly be working off those last pounds.

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I'm up 40lbs and I've still got 6 weeks of growing to do! So much for staying within the recommended 25-35lb weight gain during pregnancy.

  5. I would definitely say it was the surgery and hormones. My weight fluctates but usually if I see a couple pounds creeping on I know its because I've slacked off the workouts, or more likely, been eating more junk than healthy food. I usually check the scales once a week to keep track of it, or go by how my clothes fit.

  6. My weight doesn't fluctuate much but it has been creeping up this past year. I eat pretty well--well, better than I used to--but I'm horrible about exercising.

    But I did sign up for a Pilates class this summer...two sessions down already, and I'm determined to keep up with it.

    Good for you on the weight loss, and no worries--with your determination, the rest will come!

  7. Sharla! Oh my goodness, I had no idea you were going to undergo such extensive surgery. My prayers will be with you...

    Joanne - I love to take long walks, too, especially in the spring and fall.

    Gail - Yeah, my motivation in the midst of heat isn't good, but I'm forcing myself to get moving. And I know you'll shed that baby weight pretty darn fast, lucky lady!

    Kelly - I hate it when I feel my clothes start to get tight because then I feel guilty for indulging in the not-so-good-for-you food. I think I get lazy because I figure I've lost the weight, so I can indulge a little more. Wrong! That's what got me into trouble in the first place!

    Christine - I've heard good things about Pilates. Let me know how it goes!

  8. I go up and down about 4 pounds all the time but I know if I don't exercize, it comes on--it's all about the input and output and unfortunately some days my input exceeds the output!!

  9. Terri, I'm the same way. I usually blow it during the weekend. Guess being at the office and not constantly near my refrigerator during the week helps!

  10. I've been hopping around the same ten pounds for the last five years. I'm at the top now and I'd like to convince myself it's time to come down.

  11. T.Anne - It's so frustrating, isn't it? And why is it so much easier to gain it then to lose it?


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