Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Writerly Goodness

Wow. I've read so many great writing blog posts over the last few days that I thought I'd share them with you. They've all given me the motivation to get moving on my own manuscript!

Therese Fowler has just moved to a new house and she talks about reconnecting with her manuscript, plus talks about the intricacies of plot.

Jenna over at Running Down a Dream discusses pacing - and she's spot on in her analysis!

Janna discusses What It Takes to Be a Writer at her blog, Something She Wrote. If you need some motivation, here's the place to get it.

Lisa's post Raw Clay and Alternate Endings at her blog Eudaemonia is excellent as she discusses the important things she's learned in writing her first novel.

And last, but certainly not least, Write To Done has 5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Muse on Speed Dial.


  1. Thanks for the links. It helps to read these motivational nudges every now and then!

  2. Off to check out the links.

  3. Nice! I need a tutor in linking.

  4. Thanks for the links :) I always love good blog posts on writing topics!

  5. Thanks for the great links, Melissa!

  6. I'll check these out:)) Thank you!

  7. Thanks so much for the links, I shall go and have a look at them now.

  8. Hope you each get some writing inspiration from these! :-)

  9. Good reads. That will kill some Saturday for me :)


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