Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hubby's New Toy

For as long as I've known my husband (9+ years now), he has wanted a Harley. Finances being what they've been, he's never had the opportunity to own one. As finances are still not what they should be - we're still trying to get caught up after his whole staph infection incident last year - it was looking like it might be awhile before that dream of owning a Harley became a reality.

Until this weekend.

Now my husband is a vehicle-collector. This fact can be verified simply by looking at our backyard. He's gotten some incredible deals - cars that he's worked on, then turned around and sold to make a profit. Well, he acquired a Dodge truck from a neighbor a few months ago, and last Saturday night, our next-door neighbor asked if hubby would like to trade the Dodge truck for the neighbor's Harley.

You can guess what hubby's decision was.

It's a 1979 Harley Sportster. For hubby, it's a "starter" Harley. He will want to upgrade eventually, but for now, he has his Harley. And I can breathe a sigh of relief. I've been listening to how badly he's wanted one for 9 years! :-)

Looks like I need to buy me some leather pants...ha!


  1. That's not a starter - that's a "classic!" Happy riding to you and your hubby!

  2. I've never been a Harley fan, but it sure does look cool. I think they've improved on them over the years. I hope Hubby and Harley are very happy together. :o)

  3. Sweet ride. Tell him to be safe.

  4. Aw, yeah for your hubby - isn't it great when we're blessed with gifts like that?

    He should meet my daughter. She positively blushes at the sight of a motorcycle, she loves them so much!

  5. Nice bike! Have fun, though I recommend PROPER helmets, not little beanies. And Joe Rocket kevlar pants :) Mine are breathable mesh, so cool enough to wear in the summer, but still decent protection against road rash.

  6. Congrats to your husband! My sweetie is a motorcycle nut, too...he hasn't been without one since he was 15. Once you have a motorcycle in the family, you'll never be without one...or two! :D

  7. You'll probably have to pierce something at get a tat, too!

  8. Joanne - How right you are! It IS a classic. :-)

    Diane - Oh, he's so excited about this bike. I'm a little less so - but as long as I have on the proper protective clothing and a good helmet, I'll feel better about the whole thing. :-)

    Travis - Will do. :-)

    Robin - Yes, it was definitely a blessing!

    Tess - You've scared me with the whole "road rash" thing! LOL But thanks for the tips on the clothing. I need them!

    Christine - I always told him that I wanted a "trike" bike and then I'll ride with him. Until that happens, I'll just be happy riding behind him. :-)

    JPP - Do pierced ears count? If so, I'm covered. ;-)

  9. Awesome! My Dad's always had a bike. Now my brother and one brother-in-law do also. Dreams of many years come true. Welcome to HOG land!

  10. Angie - Yep, we're definitely there! Hubby got out his denim Harley vest tonight and went for a ride. Nevermind that he's gained a few pounds since he last wore it...ha!


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