Friday, September 19, 2008

My New Best Friend

For the last few months, I've experienced some strange heart flutters - almost like butterfly wings beating softly against my chest. Since it seemed to increase whenever I exercised, I figured this was something I shouldn't let go. So off to the doctor I went yesterday.

And now, this is my new best friend for the next 48 hours:

This little gadget records my every heartbeat. Though there are a lot of wires on my chest, it's not uncomfortable. I can deal with it.

The good news is that my doctor doesn't think there is anything seriously wrong. She even told me the name of what she thought is going on - though I can't remember all that medical jargon right now.

I asked Slick if he could help me out on that. But he just looked at me in utter disdain...

Foolish human...

When I asked him to be more helpful, he completely ignored me.
Slick! Now's not the time to take a nap! Your mistress needs you!

Did you say something?

Well anyway, he means well. *grin*

Have a great weekend!


  1. Here's hoping the doc is right and nothing too major is going on. Keep us informed.

  2. Thanks, Travis. I will. :-)

  3. Oh Slick. He seems like one cool cat, Melissa, chillin' out, not a worry! Hope all goes well with the monitor, and maybe Slick will come around.

  4. He knows his mere presence relieves stress!

  5. I hope all's well. And Slick is gorgeous!

  6. Hope everything is fine with you.

    Love slick, so gorgeous.

  7. Good for you for taking care of this right away. My fingers are crossed that you will get a seal of healthy heart approval.

    Oh, and my cat is just as helpful ;)

  8. Hope things are ok - let us know! Great cat pics :)

  9. Maybe you have Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP)? I do, and it really isn't too troublesome, just scary sometimes. Stress will make it worse. Let us know when you find out what's going on! Til then, prayers.

  10. Joanne - I'm not holding out much hope for Slick - he's pretty independent! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Devon - This is very true - I love it when he's around. I feel much better about things. :-)

    Shirley - That he is! And very independent. :-)

    Debs - Thanks for the good wishes. I'm sure Slick would love to hear that he is gorgeous - I'll tell him when I get home today. *grin*

    Lisa - I hope the heart stuff turns out well, too. I've got stuff to do, after all!

    Tess - Thanks! Glad you liked the cat pictures.

    Angie - That is very possible that it's MVP - it seems like that might be what she suggested. Thanks for the good thoughts. Much appreciated!

  11. I had one of those friends too! (I think for me it was due to stress). Hope nothing is serious!

    Do you have anything published? I thought your book suggestion below was good. I've written the book done in the event I get serious about writing :)

  12. Keep us posted! I wish you well.

  13. Heidi - I just have some articles and short stories published. Don't have the novel published yet, but I am hopeful it happens soon!

    Janna - Thanks! I'm hopeful the news will be good. :-)


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