Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Ultimate Summer Vacation

Wow. Is it just me or has the blogworld been a little, well...quiet lately? Or maybe it's just my blog. Ha!

I suppose the dog days of summer could have something to do with it. Heaven knows I haven't been my usual motivated self lately. I blame the heat. First day of July and we had the temperatures to go along with it. We haven't hit 100 yet, but I'm sure it's coming.

Lots of people are probably on vacation, as well. Not me. My vacation, as you all know, isn't until this fall. Not that I don't want to take a vacation now, but I have no paid-time left until September. Gah. Oh well. I shall have to survive!

But if someone told me tomorrow that they would pay for me to leave for two weeks vacation, anywhere in the world, I wouldn't turn them down. And where would I go? Someplace cool. Not cool as in, "whoa, dude, that is cool" (ha!) but cool as in anything below 75 degrees cool. Alaska? Well, I do have friends that live there, so I know I could always drop in and visit. England? Seeing as how I'm going there in the fall, I wouldn't want to spoil that particular vacation.

Ah. I've got it. Scotland. And Ireland. Since I won't be going to either of those places on my England trip, I'd have to say that those two places would be my first and second choices.

How about you? What is your ultimate summer vacation? Some place warm and tropical or cool and historical? ;-)


  1. Rocky Mountains. Estes Park. Cool. Beautiful. Sit by the stream. Hike in the mountains. Take a ton of pictures.

    Well, I like beach vacations too *g

  2. Kacey - Estes Park is absolutely gorgeous, though I feel very claustrophobic when I'm there. Too many mountains! ;)

  3. Cool and historical, definitely. Sean doesn't like the heat and we both love history - so we'd do the UK and Europe :)

  4. I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks and then again in August, but I just booked a Christmas trip to Disney world. That will be our big vacation

  5. Tess - How cool that you and your husband share a passion for history. That's one thing my hubby and I really don't have in common - unless it is the "history" of an old car!

    Travis - My daughter is begging me to take her to Disney World - but man, that's a lot of cash! Still, I'd like to take her there.

  6. On Sunday I'm headed to Grand Lake (right next to Estes Park!) for a week long writers' retreat. I did it last year and it was just great.

    In the summer, I like heading for cooler places, but I do love a tropical beach vacation in the middle of our Rocky Mountain winters!

  7. Lisa - A week long writers' retreat - I'm jealous! Have a great time!


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