Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Into the Story

I'm trying to wrap my head around my novel again. While I was on my mini-vacation over the weekend, I didn't think about it at all - and that's ok, really, since I was with my family and didn't need to be thinking about it.
Last night, however, I tried to dive back into it and wasn't doing so hot. Granted, I tried to write after I had cleaned house and hung up the clothes to dry since the dryer was on the fritz (thankfully, hubby fixed it later that evening) and I was tired. Maybe not the best way to jump back into writing.
So I need your help. What are your tips for getting back into your story after you've let it sit for awhile?


  1. I try not to use the dryer at all during the summer months so my washing is always dried on the line. Glad you had a nice trip home and managed to fit everyone in.

  2. I write whatever comes to mind, even if it's not the next seen. Just anything to get my behind in the chair and get started again.

    Glad you got the dryer fixed. Hate stiff line dried clothes!

  3. I read what I've written before, up to where I've left off. I read any notes I've made (I keep a notebook for each novel) so that I'm clear on what I intended for that scene. I let myself think for a while, bringing back the setting, the emotions of the characters, reimagining the action. Then I start typing. The first few attempts are usually lousy, but after another while I can usually get the flow going.

    Sometimes, not thinking about the novel at all for a couple of days (like you did on your mini-vacation) is helpful--clears the cobwebs out, while the subconscious is still working. Just gotta bring that subconscious stuff up to the surface! :)

  4. Brian7:24 AM

    When I know that I'm going to have time to write, I always go for a 30-minute run right before hand. It gets me going and then focused on the task at hand.

  5. As Christine said I always go back and read myself back into the story.

  6. I do the same as Travis and read over what's already been written, or if I'm still plotting and planning, I reread my notes. This is also where a soundtrack comes in handy - I listen to music associated with my story :)


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