Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wanted: Serious Critique Partner

I thought I had it made when I found two like-minded writers who wanted to be critique partners. I say "like-minded" because they wrote in the WW2 era. Unfortunately, I don't think writing and selling a novel was at the top of their list because after one critique, that was it. Done. No more. And really, that's ok because if it doesn't work, better to know now than later.

So! I am in the market for a serious fiction critique partner - one who is driven to write, who will meet deadlines, give me honest, constructive feedback, who has an interest in history, (hopefully knowing a lot about WW2), wants to be a published novelist and is seriously seeking a career as one, OR is already a published novelist. :-)

And one more thing: he or she must not be a beginning or intermediate writer. Why do I say this? Please understand that it's not a question of snobbery, but more because I am not in either category any more. I need someone who has gone beyond the basics and is into the nitty-gritty of the craft - character motivations, plot arcs, GMC's, etc.

What will they get in return? A serious-minded, driven writer who will give honest, constructive feedback, meet deadlines, and wants a career as a published novelist!

Interested parties can get in touch with me via email: melissaamateis at earthlink dot net


  1. Hope you find what you need. I've been through many groups good and bad and let me tell you a bad partner is worse than no partner.

  2. Travis, you're absolutely right. I've been in a lot of groups, too, and some of them were definitely more detrimental than anything. That's why this time I'm putting all the criteria out in the open so people know what to expect.

  3. I think you're wise to present your criteria. I hope you find a good sure makes the journey less lonely sometimes :)

  4. Great idea. You need someone who's as dedicated as you are.

  5. Good luck with your search!

  6. Hope you find someone. I know it's a tough slog. WWII isn't my area of expertise and right now I'm having trouble keeping up with two of my cps as it is.

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  8. Hey there! Probably don't know me, but I think I met you at a RWA conference in Lincoln a few years ago. I don't know, I've been to so many of those things, they have kind of run together. lol.

    Anyway, I found your blog through Betty (Elizabeth Parker) and found your post interesting. I'm part of a critique group here in Lincoln called the Critique Ladies. Feel free to check our website out at:

    We'd love to have you visit.

    Great blog BTW -- I'll come by more often. Best writing wishes.

  9. Good luck with the hunt. I find it frustrating to find, and keep, good critique partners. Interests change or they aren't as motivated any longer. Or they change what they're interested in writing. Or it just...falls apart.

  10. Elizabeth Parker9:13 AM

    Wow, I would love to critique with you, Melissa. I'm not writing at present because of the steep learning curve at my new job. But maybe later, when things settle down?


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