Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Good Life Part II

Isn't this little guy just adorable?

An antique piece of equipment. Darned if I know what it's used for. Will have to ask my brother on that one.
Ahhh...wide open spaces. Now you know why I get claustrophobic if I'm around mountains. I remember going to Estes Park, Colorado, one time and getting absolutely freaked out because when I looked up at the sky, all I could see was a tiny patch surrounded by huge mountains. Wide open spaces for me!
Monstrous tractor tire.

I've taken many walks down this road. One of my best friends used to live where that copse of trees is at the end. It was a road built for contemplation - and I usually had a cat or dog accompanying me.

I just like this shot. I imagine this hinge has been here ever since my great-grandfather built it.

My brother in action. He's one of the hardest working guys I know - and incredibly smart. Plus I think that it's really cool that he wanted to be the fourth generation to farm this place. Me, I wanted to get out and explore the world and have adventures! Well, I haven't done nearly as much as I thought I would. But I always want to come back home.
Doesn't she look contemplative?

One thing about corrals - they're not pretty. They're full of cow...well, poop and you always have to watch where you step. :-)

Another shot of the road.

This is actually an antique tractor that is still in use today and works just as good as it did when it first came to the farm.
Hay bales. Now what farm would be complete without hay bales?

Me trying to be a tiny bit creative with the camera, and probably failing miserably.

So. There's the family farm with a bit of commentary thrown in. Who said Nebraska was boring? ;-)


  1. I always think Bruce Springsteen when I think Nebraska. Followed by a guy I know who works in Omaha. :) The pictures look lovely. No so very different to up here, but you guys aren't as flat LOL.

  2. Beautiful. I've spent very little time on prairie, and there's something quite wonderful about all that space.

  3. Toni - I've only been to Omaha a handful of times - mostly to the airport - even though I live 50 miles away. :-)

    Devon - Yes, the prairie holds a special appeal to it. To some it looks incredibly barren and stark, but there is a lot of beauty to it.

  4. I'm loving your Good Life photos! It's wonderful to get caught up in tiny details like hinges...I like to think about the hands that built it, the gifts that come down to us through time. That this is all still in your own family is wonderful beyond words. My boyfriend and I have often said that we feel no sense of a hometown, no real roots. Our families--going back a few generations--moved around too much. It's nice to see how much you cherish your heritage.

  5. More great pics, Melissa :) I think antique farm equipment is very cool. Thanks for sharing! And your arty pic worked quite well.

  6. Christine - That's why it's so hard for me to live so far away from my family. The sense of tradition and the feeling of being "home" are very strong. In fact, most of my family is still around western Nebraska - tons of cousins there. Wish I lived closer!

    Tess - Would you believe that they have antique tractor pulls? It's like watching grass grow. *grin*

  7. Oh Western Nebraska. I know it well. My inlaws live on an acreage outside of Arnold.


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