Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Evenings

My daughter and I spent a nice evening on the front porch last night. She found a piece of brick and used it for chalk (above). That's my daughter! Always the artist. :-) (Oh, and Charly is our dog).

She discovered little ant hills and had a blast watching the ants work.
Close up. Can you believe all the work that went into this?

And here's Charlie. Fresh from chasing not one, but two tomcats away from the front porch.
Ah. And here is the reason the tomcats are probably hanging around. Miss Gretchen is the last cat that needs to be spayed and thus, she is confined to the indoors. But that doesn't stop her from wanting outside!And see what a wonderful reward you get for a job well done, Charlie? The best hug ever!


  1. Aw, what a gorgeous pic of your daughter and Charlie.

    Charlie reminds me of our Muffet. He tolerates our cats, with difficulty, but his greatest joy in life is chasing away the neighbours' cats. :o)

  2. What a great way to spend a spring evening!

  3. Our kids have been getting outside too and that allows me to write more so that is good...oh and watch baseball!

  4. Love all your pics :) And yeah, your daughter and dog - that's one for framing. I have a similar one of our niece with the now late Teva.

    Good to hear Charlie is keeping the tomcats away!

  5. Charlie even has a look of Muffet, and you can see you in your daughter too ... you can also see you in the picture of Gretchen ... :o)


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