Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I really hate being sick. The problem with colds is that they hang around forever and you don't start feeling like yourself until two weeks later.

I didn't make it yesterday afternoon. Had to call it a day around 2:30 p.m. and head home where I laid on the couch and moaned. (Oh, for those asking, I do get sick leave, but I've already used it up!). When my daughter came home from school, she immediately came up to me and asked me how I was feeling and showed me what she made me at school to help me feel better. She is so thoughtful!

And speaking of thoughtful, hubby cooked me supper last night and served it to me in bed. What a guy!

Since I couldn't stand the thought of watching anymore t.v., I got out my journal and wrote and wrote. It was silly and goofy and just plain nonsense, but I had so much fun writing that I didn't quit until I had pages and pages of stuff.

So! Today I'm back at work. Hopefully I'll make it through the entire day this time!


  1. Oi! I'm with you! Sick sucks! And boy have I been sick!

  2. Elizabeth Parker9:50 AM

    Hope you get to feeling much better soon! And that the "magic place" of your writing returns. I don't think we can always be in that magic place. Sometimes writing is just hard work. But when the magic comes, it makes it all worth it, right?

  3. Goodness, Ell, you've DEFINITELY been sick! I don't envy you at all! (And tell your husband to stay AWAY from the kitchen from now on!)

    Betty, I think you're right - it's definitely hard work. But when the magic is there, ah...such bliss!

  4. Going back to work stinks but if it means you feel better I guess it is a silver lining.

  5. Well, I suppose I am feeling a tad bit better, but I've got quite the snot factory going on in my head. Makes for a loooooong day.

  6. Feel better soon. And take it easy tonight.

    You should be able to take off as much time as you need when you're genuinely sick. Unfortunately, with our health care system non-existant, that doesn't happen.

  7. Devon - You're exactly right. I have to use my sick leave when my kids are sick, too, so unfortunately, that time disappears all too fast.


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