Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the Season to Be Unproductive


I am either not motivated due to my lack of exercise (entirely my own fault), or my motivation to write has been overtaken by the Christmas season.

At any rate, I don't feel like doing much of anything when I get off work. I've watched several movies over the last few days, including this one (which I highly recommend), and had zero interest in doing any sort of freelance work.

I have, however, done character work on my novel. But that's about it.

Last year at this time, I was busy editing my last novel and when I look back at my blog archives, it appears I was quite busy. Not so this year. I've had a hard time getting myself to move, both figuratively and literally, on a lot of stuff since hubby's summer medical experience, and we continue to feel the aftershocks of it - i.e. bills, job woes, etc.

I'm also fighting off a cold or some other sinus problem. I wake up feeling ok, but by about 2 p.m., I start to feel icky again. Last night I went home and went straight to bed. I watched two more movies which is a feat in itself. I never watch t.v. during the week.

I guess I'm accepting the fact that I'm going to be unproductive in lots of areas of my life right now - exercise, diet (I'm trying to watch what I eat, but it's so darn hard right now!), freelancing, and well, writing. I admit it - I'm being lazy. I have a day job that is sucking all my energy out of me right now.

If you're a writer, are you writing during this busy time?


  1. Hi, Melissa

    I'm writing a little bit, but doing more work on the boring business side, researching agents and stuff like that. Now that we're down to the last week before Christmas, it's hard to find the time to put pencil to paper or fingers to keypad.

    Thanks for mentioning REUNION IN FRANCE. I'd not heard of that film and will have to check it out. I love old movies and watched CITIZEN KANE again this week.

    Take care of that cold. I had a horrible cold last week, and saw a Neti pot on Oprah. I improvised using a bottle with the filtered water and sea salt, and my symptoms were alleviated almost immediately. I highly recommend it. Feel better!

  2. Sometimes you just have to rest and refuel. Give yourself permission -- it's OK to take a break! The writing will be better for it.

  3. I think you're body is telling you that you need a break. I'm actually writing -- and neglecting everything else besides the day job. That's right -- I still don't have a tree up and my shopping isn't quite finished. Rest up, watch some old movies (one of my favorite past times too) and recharge and you'll be ready to hit it after the New Year!

  4. I had a lousy writing morning. So I gave myself the day off from writing, and guess what?

    Started writing.

    I just have a rebel muse right now. The Nick-and-Nora Charles muse types have taken the season off, so I'm left with Miss Rebellia. If I want to do something, she won't; as soon as I do something else, there she is.

    I'm still fighting with that weird thing I've had for weeks -- it's like a dry cough and general fatigue and some congestion, but never actually develops into a cold or gets better. I'm thinking of brewing up some Cleaver's Herb Tea (ick) and seeing if that will do the trick.

  5. Gosh Melissa, I'm trying to write but not only is it busy but now I have 3 sick people in my house (one of them my hubby) and I'm trying not to get sick. Boy this time of year is hard!

  6. Diana - I know you have a great love for old movies, so I hope you enjoy Reunion In France. I found it at ShopKo for $8!

    Christine - I wonder how long my malaise will last - I feel like I've been refueling since this summer's health crisis with my husband. You'd think I'd have snapped out of it by now.

    Lisa - Good for you! I'm so glad yo'ure writing - I wish I was. I'm getting closer and closer every day to starting Chapter One!

    Devon - You are one of the hardest working writers I know. :-) I hope whatever is ailing you leaves you alone very soon! :-)

    Ell - Ohhhh, sick family members are never fun. I hope you don't get it, either! I say don't worry about the writing until after Christmas and after everyone feels better! :-)

  7. Hey, tis the season and all that. Don't beat yourself up. It's a busy time and you're not well. Hope you feel much better in time for the holiday weekend.

  8. Diane - You're right. The holidays are a special time and I'd rather enjoy them without guilt! ;-)

  9. Darn right! If we can't take off right before Christmas, then I don't know when!

  10. Try this: Along with permission, give yourself a deadline. Promise yourself that on x date, you will begin writing on the novel again. Knowing you have a firm deadline to recommit may help you to relax now -- guilt-free.

    And when the chosen day arrives, honor it, even if all you write is a paragraph. The wheels will start turning again. Promise. I've gone through long slack times, too...and they've always ended.

  11. Betty - That's the spirit! ;-)

    Christine - Excellent advice. I think I shall follow it. :-)

  12. My motivation has waned this week. I've decided I probably need a break so I'm going to take one. That way I'll be refreshed and ready to go in the new year.

  13. Kelly - You definitely deserve a break!

  14. Not a word. Ok, I lie - I did rework the opening paragraphs per your comments the other day, but other than that, nada. Sean has said he'll help me brainstorm when we have some time, but Christmas madness will take precedence again this weekend. Lots to do before the big Polish Wigilia celebration on Monday!!

  15. Tess- I'm of the opinion that it's perfectly ok not to write during the holidays!


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