Monday, December 03, 2007

It's December!

We escaped the ice/snow storm and only had a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning. Yay! It's still pretty cold out, though, so I've got on my warm fuzzy slippers and comfy sweater.

Saturday night we watched Santa Claus 3 (it was just ok, nothing spectacular) and it got me in the mood to decorate. So my daughter and I drug out all our boxes full of Christmas decorations and got to work. Unfortunately, when it came time to put up our small little artificial tree that we've had for 8 years now, part of the base was missing. Hubby thought we could rig something up to put under it, but we had to abandon the project for the night. My daughter was devastated, and proceeded to write her daddy a note that said, "Dear Dad: I really want to decorate the tree right now! Please, please please please...(she had about twenty "pleases" in there)."

Well, he saw it Sunday morning and his heart melted. He went and bought us a brand new tree that is just gorgeous. It took me about three hours to completely put it together, string the lights, and decorate it, but it was worth it. I'll take a pic of it here in the next few days.

I just have a few finishing touches to do on the decorating, and then that will be done.

We had my company Christmas party Friday night and it was so much fun! I wore my red dress, my husband looked incredibly hot, and we didn't have to worry about walking in any snow. The food was great at the party and we did a fun trivia game that our table won, so now I have a nifty little trophy to put on my desk at work. :-) We did an after-party get-together at a local 50's themed lounge and I had a divine glass of champagne and felt in a very festive mood. It was great to get out with my husband, get to know my co-workers better, and celebrate!

Now that the party is over, the decorating (almost) done, I've only got a few things left on the agenda for the holidays:

1) Baking (I'm going to make homemade sugar cookies and some other goodies)

2) My 3rd Annual Victorian Tea - I invited a few friends over to drink tea, listen to Christmas music, eat goodies, and just relax

3) Christmas shopping (nope, I haven't even started!)

And in between all this, which really isn't a lot, I'm going to start writing the next novel. I had two more ideas hit me last night just as I was falling asleep and I actually remembered them this morning. They're quite fun and I can't wait to explore them more.

I also bought Eloisa James' newest book - An Affair Before Christmas. I haven't read a romance in a long time, but this takes place in one of my favorite time periods - the Georgian period - and it's set during Christmas, so I couldn't resist!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful night out--you and DH deserve it!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I found your blog via Fedora Lounge and am having a blast reading it. I am an aspiring historical fiction (with an inspirational bent) writer myself, and can definitely sympathize with your last post! I haven't started my Christmas shopping either-- glad to know I'm not alone...not sure if that's good or bad, hehe:)

  3. I LOVE the idea of a Victorian Tea for Christmas and I want to steal it. Only thing is I think the only people who'll come will have miles to travel - can't see it going down too well with the locals.

    And you have SNOW? [Stamps foot] Here it's just very cold and very damp.

  4. Marty - Yes, we definitely needed the night out. It's been a bit of a stressful year!

    Sara - So glad to see you! Thanks for stopping by. You'll have to send me an email and we can talk shop!

    Diane - I think I hit upon the idea of a Victorian Tea after I realized I had a beautiful set of formal dishes that I never used. There's just something different about drinking a cup of tea out of a delicate cup as opposed to a mug, y'know?

  5. You festive gal, you! Glad to hear you're in the holiday scheme of things. Your office holiday party sounds like it was absolutely dreamy. Please share some of your favorite pix from it online here. I'd love to see 'em.

  6. So many folks hate their office holiday parties, it's great to hear you had such a good time at yours!

    Kudos to your for all the decorating...we won't even be getting started until next week. (sigh)

  7. Sounds like you had a really great time at the party. Good.

    There's something about getting the decorations out that says "it's Christmas".

  8. kacey2:45 PM

    we went to a business Christmas party this weekend. They had the Mizzou game playing on a big screen in the corner :)

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE the idea of an annual tea. Probably too late to start that up this year, but I hope I remember that for next year. It sounds like such fun.

  9. WE started working on the tree tonight! That's the fun part... Shopping, ACK!!!!!

  10. I'm having friends around for tea on Friday morning--in service day. Should be good :) I'll put on Christmas music in your honor.

    I'm almost done shopping :)

  11. I really like Eloisa James, might have to sneak that one in ;)

  12. My Aim - Thanks for visiting! And please don't feel lazy - I'm far from being prepared! ;-)

    Diana - I actually don't have any pics from the party, but do have some of hubby and I. :-)

    Christine - I was worried I wouldn't be in the mood to decorate until mid-December the way things were going. But I'm very glad I got it done. Christmas is the only holiday I decorate for, and for some reason I dread it AND love it.

    Bailey - Yep - it definitely looks like Christmas at my house!

    Kacey - It's never too late to start a tradition! :-)

    Ell - I'm actually looking forward to shopping this year, although I hope to do it during the week-nights instead of the weekends since the mall is always so darn busy.

    Toni - You're almost done shopping? Wow! I am in awe. :-)


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