Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Check List

Christmas List of Things to Do:

Baked Christmas sugar cookies - check

Decorated house - check

Sent Christmas cards - check

Hosted holiday tea - postponed due to freak snowstorm

Attended Christmas play - check

Shopping - uh...half-check. I'm almost done. Hubby and I are going shopping tonight to finish up.

Consumed more Christmas goodies than allowed by current diet plan - CHECK.

What do you have left to do for the holidays?


  1. I have to finish the cards, get the stocking stuffers, and maybe bake some more.

    You're in great shape!

  2. shopping. aren't i late?

  3. Finish my ecards (wouldn't you think that would be easier than regular cards - they're not)

    Finish my baking (Yep, they expect them at work on Saturday - gotta get a move on)

    I have one gift to buy.

  4. Everything! I don't know why I have had such a terrible time getting into it this year, but I have. I have SOME shopping done (going out later to get a bunch more finished), there is not one decoration up, I have not sent cards yet, nor baked. I think because I'm not doing a party and we're spending Christmas at my in-laws -- and we have no kids at home, I'm lazy. If the grandkids weren't coming on the 23rd, I might not even get my fake Charlie Brown tree up (I always put up a real tree) or bake anything. Gotta get in gear...

  5. I have stuff to do, but we're pretty much on top of it all. DH's birthday on Wednesday so we get through that first :)

  6. You're in great shape :) I'm hosting our office party on Thursday night, so there's that...and then just picking my brother up from the airport on Saturday! Enjoy!

  7. Gulp. I bought my FIRST gift today, which means.... I need to get my rear in gear compared to what you've accomplished already. Lord, I'm forever behind...

  8. Buy a gift for Dh! He got me a garage-door opener. Admittedly, it's not real romantic, but I'm thrilled. We've lived in our house over 20 years without one! Now what can I get him to equal that? Especially when he tells me "not to spend any money." Hehe

  9. kacey9:17 AM

    I have presents bought and wrapped. Lights on the tree but no ornaments. No baking done yet. House not cleaned. Bummer.


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