Friday, October 12, 2007

The Power of Lunch Breaks

Yesterday I decided to ditch the office over my lunch break and head to a new coffeehouse/sandwich shop that just opened here in town. After I ordered my sandwich, I settled into the cozy backroom on a stuffed leather chair, ate my lunch, and then dove into some character work for my novel.

It was glorious. Not only did I have a yummy, healthy sandwich, but I found out new things about my character that will add an amount of depth to the story that I didn't have before.

I have a feeling I'll be heading back to this place several times a week, if possible. Taking that creative break in the middle of the day gave me an energy I didn't have that morning.

It's the weekend, and I plan to start Chapter One on the Italy novel. Wish me luck!


  1. A break and a change of scenery always seem to be a good thing, don't they? I need to do more of that. Have a great weekend and good luck getting started on chapter one next week! Is it exciting to be at the start again?

  2. That sounds great! And good luck with the exercise and new novel!!

  3. I'm a little apprehensive about starting another novel - wonder why that is? Maybe it's because I know so much more about the writing craft this time around. But I've got to kick out my inner editor while I'm writing this first draft. :-)

  4. Sounds lovely :) Enjoy the healthy sandwiches, your time away from the office! Hope the writing goes well!

  5. Sounds like the perfect place...good luck with your first chapter :)

  6. Hey Melissa

    Keep up the healthy sandwiches and enjoying your breaks. :-)

    Have a fab weekend, and I'm sending you loads of positive writing vibes for your first draft.


  7. Sounds like a lovely lunch break. Best of luck on your new novel, Melissa!

  8. Fantastic!

    I'm a big believer in getting out of the building whenever possible. It helps creativity and productivity.


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