Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bit by the Travel Bug!

I haven't traveled anywhere outside of the U.S. since, oh, 1994! That's pretty bad. But if you're a faithful reader of this blog (thank you!), then you know I'm planning a trip to Italy sometime in the near future.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Money is no object!

List your top three places!

Here's mine:

1) Italy

2) United Kingdom

3) Germany


  1. Ohhh how to narrow it down. I would pick the UK, Tuscany and then try to narrow it down between South of France and Prague.

  2. It seems impossible to choose. There are so many places I'd love to visit, and yet the places I've been call me back.

    I haven't set foot in Holland in six years (the longest span in my life). Something in me needs to see it again.

    I would also say Italy. I've been thinking of it lately (the pictures you post are gorgeous!). We honeymooned there and the red poppies in this picture remind me of it. They were the first thing I saw (on the train between the airport and Rome's central station).

    I'd also love to visit Canada. Both coasts and everything in between. Not that'll be a long trip. :)

  3. 1) UK

    2) Poland

    3) France

    Good luck with the new ms. Chapter outlines often work for me too :)

  4. 1) Italy
    2) France
    3) Hawaii/some other tropical paradise!

    Are we California dreamin' on such a winter's day or what? Rainy Nebraska vs. Italy? There's just no contest.

  5. 1. Jerusalem
    2. Egypt
    3. London

    I want to travel, too!!!!

  6. 1. Jerusalem
    2. Egypt
    3. London

    I want to travel, too!!!!

  7. Hmm... I'm thinking of places I haven't been before.

    Monument Valley.

    Glad the trip is in the planning stages. I love that, investigating options.

  8. My top three would be...

    1. Scotland
    2. New Zealand
    3. Holland

  9. London
    Not in any order.

  10. As you know, Nebraska is high up on my list. :o)

    I've recently returned from Italy (Lake Garda) so I'm still pining for the Italian sunshine.

    United Kingdom? Eh? Are you mad?

    1) Iceland
    2) New Zealand
    3) Greece

  11. Scotland is always my number one choice, with another stop in Iceland on the way back.

    I want to go to Paris -- haven't been there for years.

    I want a long trip to Italy, including Rome, Florence, and Venice.

  12. I think we should all pile into an airplane and head off to Italy! ;)

  13. My city trip: Paris, Florence, London
    My country trip: Provence, Tuscany, Wales

  14. My next all girls trip is to Tuscany so I'm really excited about that. Since I am going there my list will be a bit different:

    1. East Asia - Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam (couldn't pick just one)

    2. Great Britain

    3. Fiji

  15. 1. UK
    2. Tahiti
    3. Any place that has a kitchen, family room and bathroom.

    Yahoo messenger is being a pill right now. I think I'm signed in but it has me frozen.

  16. 1. Iceland (Norway would do - want to see the Northern Lights)

    2. Egypt

    3. Italy (specifically Naples - I really, really want to visit Pompeii)


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