Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Time

Time to get back in shape. Time to quit with the excuses.

Hubby's whole medical experience over the summer severely derailed my weight loss and workout plan.

Well, now that he's back to work, (albeit with a huge scar on his upper arm) and we've recovered from the whole experience (although not financially), I need to get back on my plan.

To that end, I've resurrected my weight loss blog.

This may not be the best time of the year to get focused on my weight loss with the holidays coming up, but in my experience in the past (I lost 38 pounds in the past year and a half), I know that it doesn't matter what day you start - putting it off only makes the whole thing worse.

I have to get back in that mindset. I was a lot happier in that mindset, let me tell you!

Another powerful motivator, besides my health (I still need to watch my diabetes, even though my levels were great last time I went in for a checkup), is my clothes. They're starting to not fit so well again. I refuse to go back to those old clothes.


Here's to getting back on the wagon and staying on it this time!


  1. Good luck.

    You just reminded me, I have to call up and check how my blood tests were. I'm assuming they'd have called me if they thought it necessary.

    Oh, and I have news ...

  2. Shape magazine's fitness forums have been a great help to me. And Yoga Journal's weekly emails, with ideas and poses.


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