Monday, July 03, 2006

Where I Create: New and Old

Middle Photos: Old Office
Top and Bottom: New office

Thought it'd be fun to compare my old and new office. Yup, my new one is in my bedroom right now since we moved to the apartment, but that's ok - I have a door! I didn't have a door last time, just a space carved out of an unfinished basement room. And no carpet. :-) I did try to dress up the ugly conrete walls with motivating phrases, but dealing with the dust and the chilly winter eveinings didn't quite make it the best office.

I just finished cleaning so thought I'd snap a picture to preserve this moment because we all know, it won't last for long. But now I feel like I'm reading to tackle the edits on my synopsis. For a writing update, look at my earlier post for today. :-)

If you have a picture of your creative workspace, post it on your blog! I'd love to see it. :-)


  1. Your new office is awesome!!! Very very nice!!!

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  3. Love the new space. I'm a big fan of natural light. No, I'm not posting my writing space, it is far too pathetic.

  4. Wow, you must be be tickled pink to have a nice warm spot and with a door no less! Good for you.

    If you look through my archives, I posted mine back in May or early infront and behind view as in what I see and what I try not to look at as I'm working LOL.

  5. I cleaned up my writing room yesterday and felt so much better going down this morning to write. I find the messier it gets the more distracted I get.

  6. Have to admit, the area in your apartment is rather nice.

    And, your wish is my command - check my blog for a pic of my workspace. Well, ok, a bit of it is cut off - but you get the idea *g*.

  7. Love the new office. Looks much more comfortable (and warmer, too!). You can see my writing space on the main page of my site I did change rooms this week, but the writing space still looks the same. It's just more quiet and cooler. *sigh* :-)

  8. I love your new office, very nice indeed

  9. VERY nice Melissa. One thing that always frustrates me when looking at other people's offices is that I can't see the titles on the bookshelves!! *sigh* I am so nosey!


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