Tuesday, July 11, 2006


What: One Ford Explorer

When: Yesterday at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Where: Exactly ten blocks from our house (can you believe that?)

Amazingly, it's still in good condition. The speakers and stereo are gone, the satellite radio is gone, and the bag of clothes is gone. Strangely enough, the seat to his motorcycle is gone. Why they took that, we don't know and probably never will. But hubby's checkbook was still laying on the floor, his Bible was still there, and they rifled through the CD's and picked which ones they wanted, leaving the rest.

Very bizarre.

We're just glad to have it back, although hubby says he feels as though he's been violated when he looks at his truck and sees how much they went through it. The villains also apparently did some joy-riding as the gas tank was full when it was stolen, and only had a quarter of a tank left yesterday.

After hubby finishes fixing the broken window and cleaning it up, I'll get to drive it. :-)

In Other News...

Apparently some strain of the flu has hit me. I nearly upchucked at work yesterday, but held it together and finished out the day. This morning, my stomach is still churning. I refuse to give in, though, because I hate and loathe throwing up.


  1. Woo hoo! New truck (I mean SUV for Melissa!
    Feel better soon so you can go cruisin'!

  2. Yah! I'm so happy for you guys. Hope you enjoy driving the new vehicle. Hope you feel better soon, too.

  3. Feel better Melissa!

    And very glad to hear about the SUV. Rather considerate thieves, I suppose. They practically returned it to your driveway. What was their taste in music?

  4. Yay on the find....yuck on the illness. Sure hope you feel better soon!

  5. Tell me about it - that's how I spent my Sunday night.

    Thank goodness the truck was found. Sounds a lot like the time my parent's car was stolen.

  6. I'm glad they found the car. It will be a great vehicle when he gets it fixed up for you. Hope your stomach calms down. When are you leaving for Atlanta?

  7. I'm so glad he got his SUV back. With the insurance cover the damage?

  8. Nienke and Bren - Yeah, I really like driving the Explorer. Better than my Ford Escort! ;-)

    Jason - Well, they left AC/DC, for one!

    Stacy - Thanks for the get well wishes. :-)

    Bailey - Glad you're feeling better now. That's always good news!

    Rene - I leave for Atlanta on the 25th - can't wait!

  9. Rachel - Unfortunately, we only had liability on that vehicle. What made hubby the maddest was having to pay $130 to tow it home. His own vehicle! :-(

  10. Melissa--OMG. I can't believe they stole the SUV! Glad you got it back, though I can understand your hubby's perspective. Hope they nail the guys who did it.

  11. Hope you feel better. We've had some people here hit with a weird flu bug that sounds similar.

    And yay on the car! Now you have a set of wheels. Woo hoo!


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