Monday, July 24, 2006

Atlanta: No, Not Allergies!!!

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like pooh (and unfortunately, it's not the Winnie kind). The rest of the day did not progress well after that. Sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and a general feeling of blah absolutely pervaded my entire body. Do you know that it is impossible to find an allergy medication that is not a 12-hour or 24-hour pill that won't make you drowsy? I don't like to take the 12 or 24 hour tabs because if they don't work, I'm pretty much out of luck for the rest of the day. I hate the way allergy meds work because I can't stay awake with them.

So all this means that instead of packing Sunday afternoon, I took a nap. I woke up feeling just about the same. Needless to say, Monday is going to be a rest day for me to hopefully get rid of these darn allergies and be rarin' to go on Tuesday morning.

Funny - I received the latest RWR in the mail on Friday - and it was obvious that this edition was supposed to be received after the national conference was over. Anyway, there is a feature on Nora Roberts that really spoke to me and I'm even more excited to listen to her speak at the PRO retreat. This is one lady that doesn't tolerate excuses - she just does it - i.e., she just writes.

I want to have that same attitude. I find that my attitudes come and go in regards to my writing - and they generally change with how I feel. But I realize now that most of those attitudes are shaped by excuses. Had a bad day at work...don't feel like writing. I'm tired...don't feel like writing. As Nora says, you don't have those kinds of excuses for your "real" job - the day job. And she's absolutely right. I have to get that work done no matter what. I don't get to use excuses. And it should be the same for my writing.


  1. Sheesh, gone for a week and everyone redecorates. I love this new look!

    I'm so sorry about the allergies, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Have fun in Atlanta.

  2. Oh, I hope you feel better before you leave.

    Actually, that really is good advice. We go to our 'real work' whether we want to or not, what's the difference with our writing work?

    I'll definately have to try to adopt the attitude. LOL, don't you love the word TRY

  3. Hope you feel better today, Melissa :-) Allergies are never fun, but even worse when you're travelling. And I hear you about antihistamines - I don't tolerate them well either.

  4. Stacy, Bailey, and Tess - thanks for the good wishes!

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