Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Preparing for Atlanta

I started making my list last night of everything I need to pack. I don't want to pack a ton of stuff, yet I don't want to be in Atlanta lamenting the fact that I left a certain something behind. I also went through my closet and picked out my outfits. I'm notorious for changing my mind, so I think I'll actually try every outfit before I leave so that at least I'll know whether or not it looks good. :-)

The third person who was going to be our roomate can't go now, so there's just the two of us in a room - that's fine, but I was financially counting on a third person. If you know of anyone looking for a roomate, we have a spot available!

No writing done last night, but I did get the apartment cleaned up. I refuse to leave it a mess before I head to Atlanta. Coming home to a messy house is the last thing I want to do.

Even though I'm not going to know very many people at the conference, I'm looking at this as a wonderful opportunity to meet a ton of people and make a lot of friends. :-)


  1. I see you already posted on the RWA Roommate board -- good luck!

    As to not knowing many people, say hey if you see me (or rather someone with a nametag that says "Jude, JCW Cherry") and that'll make one more person you know. :)

  2. You will have so much fun!! Can't wait to meet up. :)

  3. I didn't know too many people in DC, my first National, and still had lots of fun. It did help that Sean was there too, but he was off sight-seeing all day, not at the conference itself.

    Have fun packing!! Already I'm a little sad about not going. Oh well.

    Hope you find a new roomie soon!!

  4. Hope to meet you there!

    Stephanie (Bosey)

  5. Jude - Thanks for stopping by and putting me on the RWA National Blog! What fun!

    Michelle - Can't wait to meet you!

    Tess - Hope you get to come next year!

    Stephanie - I'll be looking for you! :-)

  6. A friend of mine in our local RWA is looking for a room. I sent her an email.

  7. Dana - Thanks so much!


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