Sunday, April 02, 2006

Remember Doobie?

According to my husband, Doobie has become the number one terror of the household. What was once a cute little puppy has turned into a cute little monster.

I think the poor guy is just lonely for female companionship. That being said, here are Doobie's likes and dislikes for all those potential puppy mates. ;-)

- chasing pregnant cat and getting swatted in face by said cat
- growling at anyone within ten feet of dog food bowl
- jumping on any human being kind enough to let him in the house
- peeing and/or pooping (P&P) in any area of the house unsupervised by adults
- cuddling next to best friend, Tiny (the St. Bernard/husky mix)
- escaping and roaming neighborhood
-jumping and scratching on backdoor
- food
-more food

- anyone coming near his food
- owner screaming at top of lungs after discovery of P&P incident
- being chased from house after said P&P incident
- cats coming too close to back fence
- rain or snow


  1. My how big he's grown! What a cutie.

  2. Poor Doobie - I think you're right - he misses you and your daughter.

  3. Doesn't pet urine glow under a black light? If you waved a bulb in my dining room, you'd burn out your optic nerve.

    Dogs can really be a drag sometimes. Much to be said about fish, though. They have a built-in failsafe. They escape, they die. For that reason, they tend not to escape.

  4. I'm not a dog person, mostly because I never could get one house trained, and messing on my floors is a deal breaker in my home. No exceptions. For all involved.

    But your puppy is pretty cute.

  5. Jason - LOL

    Well one of my cats isn't much better. I don't know why he's decided that the couch should be his designated pee spot - suggestions anyone? And no, putting outside is NOT an option.

    Anyway, I think he misses you. If they didn't always have the problem and there are changes in the household, all pets will act out in some way.

  6. I think they miss you too. But he's still young right? Our dog used to try and hump his mother everytime we took him for a walk on the beach. We'd throw the ball, they both run after it. Pup would jump mother. SO embarrassing!!! He got over that after he was 2.

  7. Doobie is too cute for words! Save for the P&P instances.


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