Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Getting Antsy!

I'm ready to move on to my next novel - a World War II romantic thriller. I think I came up with a great idea for a series, but it's going to take a lot of research. But it's research that I can't wait to do!

It shouldn't take me much longer to finish up my revisions for the historical novel, then it's off to the agent. And while I wait for her to make a decision, I'm going to concentrate on finishing my inspirational and researching my upcoming series. And if that means a trip to the bookstore, either online or in person, that won't be a problem! :-)

Saturday will be a busy day, but the funny thing is, I will be eating free all day! I'm judging at the Nebraska History Day competition, (which includes breakfast and lunch!) and that evening, I'm giving my speech on historical writing and research for the Bess Streeter Aldrich Short Story Awards Banquet, (which includes dinner!) something I'm really looking forward to.

Unfortunately, my head is still giving me fits. I'm not sure if the antibiotics they gave me for the sinus infection didn't work or if it's not a sinus infection. Either way, I'm still contending with a headache. If I ignore it, it usually doesn't bother me too much. But I think a trip to the chiropractor might not be a bad idea.


  1. Get that historical out the door! A WWII romantic thriller, sounds great. Have fun Saturday. Free food is always a good incentive.

  2. Melissa - fingers crossed on the historical, History Day judging sounds way cool. Re: sinuses - it could also be allergies complicating things. I know for me it is. And sometimes if the infection is bad, you need more than one round of antibiotics.

  3. You already know how I feel about WWII *gg*

    Tess is correct - another thing which you may already be doing but since there's no chance of you coming here and smacking me across the head in a "doh" moment I'll say it anyway. Steam showers. Lots of them.

  4. I love my chiropractor. Well not in THAT way, but I love what he's done for my back. We're trying to cut back to 2x a month though and it's not going so well but I think that's because I am in desperate need of a massage. My muscles are all knotted up. Maybe I'll go make an appt...

  5. I used a new spray cleaner in my bathroom this morning, and I had a migraine by nine a.m. I hope that's not what you have. Mine were misdiagnosed as sinus infections for more than ten years.

  6. A WWII romantic thriller! That sounds intriguing! I can only imagine the amount of research that a project like that would require. But, I love research too.
    Good luck with the head and the chiro. I'm at the chiro 2x per week right now - couldn't carry on without him.

  7. Have fun with the WWII research! I'm sure you'll love it. Lots of primary sources to dig through...


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