Friday, April 28, 2006

My Challenge

I'm giving myself a challenge this weekend.

I'm going to finish my novel.

Now, that's not as far-fetched as you might think. I really believe that I can do this. Or at least, I can get very very close to finishing it. I might not have it send-out ready, i.e. margins, spacing, font, etc., etc., but I want the edits to be finished.

Think I can do it? Stay tuned for updates and Monday's revealing post! ;-)

A Bit of Fun...

Kelly tagged me to do this particular meme, so here 'tis:

Six minutes to yourself - how would you spend them: sitting on my couch, no music, no t.v., and just relaxing

Six bucks to spend right now - how would you spend it: on a book, of course! (a very cheap book!)

Six items you'd leave behind if your house were on fire: (1) The clothes that no longer fit me (2) my VHS movies (3) the box of books in my closet (4) that pair of shoes that hurt my feet(5) my daughter's stuffed animals (6) Rejection letters!

Six items you'd grab if your house were on fire: (1) My daughter, (2) my dog (3) my history books; (4) my Bible (5) computer (if that's even possible!) (6) my Snoopy collection

Six words you love: You are offering me how much?

Six things you want to accomplish before you leave the earthly plane:
(1) Make writing my career (2) travel extensively through Europe (3) see my daughter grow to be a beautiful woman (4) hold my grandchildren (5) meet my Italian relatives in Italy (6) buy my dream house


  1. I'm cheering you on to the finish line!!!

  2. Good luck on finishing the book! You can do it!!

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