Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ever get sick of your story?

I am.

Really, really sick of it.

I want it to be done. Sent to the agent. Forgotten about.

Maybe that's why I have a headache!


  1. Quite often. Not of this one yet, but I will. And this time, sick of it or not I'm finishing the damn thing.

    Sorry about the agent thing - it would give me a headache too.

  2. Just a suggest. Maybe back away from it for a few days. Do something else. When I get like that, I'm afraid my frustration turns to boredom which turns into boring writing.

  3. ion.


    Geez, Jason, is the word that hard?

  4. Eve - finishing the damn thing is easier said than done at this point! *grin*

    Jason, I actually took about four or five days off from it. The problem is that I'm on another round of revisions and I just want to work on something else!!!

  5. Yeah, revisions can be mind numbing. I've felt a few flutters of that myself recently.

  6. As a matter of fact...YES.

  7. Oh yeah - that happens to me. Nothing to worry about.

    Sorry you have a sinus infection too. Aren't they wicked? Hope your antibiotics work soon. I still have pressure and some pain from my own SI, but at least the nasty headaches have pretty much gone.

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