Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Our New Addition!

It's been close to seven years since we've owned a dog. Part of it is because of my immense grief over losing my beloved Charlie Brown and part of it is because we lived in a place that didn't allow dogs.

Now that we own our home and it has a fenced-in backyard, the thought of getting another dog crossed our minds. My daughter and my husband wanted to get a puppy. I, on the other hand, having dealt with, and house-trained, numerous puppies, wanted a rescue dog that was already housebroken.

So imagine my shock when I came home the other day and discovered that my husband and my daughter had planned to surprise me with a half-lab, half-border collie puppy. They were smart, though, because instead of just showing up with the dog, they actually told me about it first.

You could say I was not pleased.

With my health the way it is, another responsibility is something I can ill afford. But when I looked at the picture of the puppy, my heart melted. Still, I stayed firm in my insistence that this puppy not be my responsibility, but my husband's and my daughter's. They readily agreed.

So here he is:

His name is Blitz, short for Blitzkrieg. He is adorable. He is shy and timid and loves to be held and babied. And as promised, my husband and my daughter have taken the responsibility in caring for him. My daughter is finding out what a BIG responsibility a puppy is! I don't think she realized the magnitude of it, but now she most certainly does!

It's hard for me to relinquish control over the situation, but I'm doing pretty good with it. I don't take him outside for potty breaks, I don't feed him, and I don't give him water: those are all my daughter's responsibilities. She is learning to train him on the leash and get him to actually come back into the house as opposed to staying outside (he was born on a farm and has always been an outside dog). I supervise, of course, and I *did* give him a bath, but that's about the extent of it. And obviously, I cuddle and hug the little guy! How could I not?

This will be a great life lesson for my daughter and I know she will grow and mature a lot in the process. And this little fellow has already made her his surrogate mom. :)


  1. Oh my, what a cutie! Look at those big paws! And those eyes! LOVE his name!!! How could you not melt confronted with that picture? With Silver at 7 months now... the worst of puppyhood is mostly behind me, but still, every day is a lot of work. I'm so glad your daughter is taking charge! It is a good life lesson, and also such a bonding experience as well. Give him a pet from me! Silver would love to play with him, if only we were closer!

    1. oh, I wish we did live closer! Puppy play dates would be awesome! Yes, he is an absolutely adorable little guy. Thsoe puppy eyes just melt me!

  2. The cuteness! Wow, I'm not even a dog person and I want to cuddle him :)

    1. I'm a sucker for that cuteness, darn it. :D

  3. Well I am definitely a dog person so I would say yes! But very good that your daughter's taking responsibility - she will learn a lot from the process, and you have a wonderful new member of the family. Brilliant all round! X

    1. Thank you!!! He is just so adorable. I'm home today, so "babysitting" and he's being pretty good. I forgot, though, how much puppies like to chew!


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