Monday, August 22, 2011


Isn't it nice when you can look back over the weekend and say, "Wow, I got a lot done."

And I did.

I tackled housecleaning, laundry, baking, and even yardwork in the last two days. We've had quite a few storms lately and they've left a nice mess of leaves and branches on our lawn and driveway. So I decided to get my exercise on Saturday by sweeping and picking them up. (And I used muscles I obviously haven't used for awhile if my aching body was any indication...).

I picked some more zucchini (why do zucchini plants expand so darn much???) and made another batch of zucchini bread. I also brought a ton of zucchini to work to share with everyone. Hubby and I have taken to walking around the neighborhood with a big basket of zucchini and tomatoes and cucumbers to share with the neighbors. We simply can't eat it all.

Writing? Why, yes. I was productive with that, too. Though I must say one thing: I am a slow editor. I love to edit, but that also means I really choose my words with care. Whether this is a good thing or bad, I'm not sure.

Now mind you, I'm not productive like this every weekend. It's been too hot to go outside and do any yardwork, but we got a break in the weather and it was actually decent outside. And baking? Pffft. I barely do any. Hubby usually takes care of the laundry, so I don't do that, either. (Yes, I am a very blessed gal!).

So I have to celebrate the one weekend out of the last, er...several, where I was actually productive on more than one front!


  1. Glad you had such a productive weekend! The cooler temps recently have been heavenly! Wednesday is supposed to be over 100 degrees here in our town, but perhaps that will be the end of these extra-hot days. We can always hope!

    Talk to you later. I need to go do something with a whole bunch of cucumbers my husband just brought in!


  2. Linda - I have been using our cucumbers to make a yummy Italian salad: cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes with vinegar and oil!

  3. sounds very productive indeed. Mine was really busy but not productive!

  4. I helped mow the lawn and did a little cleaning, but that was about it. I love the sound of that bread!

  5. Melissa,
    You deserve a weekend-just to rest up from your weekend:)

    It was hotter than blazes here and so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I'm hoping that the hotter weather gets our garden going-we are still waiting on those tomatoes of ours!

    Hugs, my dear, and talk to you soon!

  6. Flower - I usually try to make sure my weekends aren't filled with too much busy-ness - otherwise I have a hard time dealing with the coming work week. :-)

    Debs - You should try it! Very simple to make and YUMMY.

    Valerie - I wish I could ship you some tomatoes! We've got quite a few of them right now. :-)

  7. Well done! Very productive, loving the sound of your garden!
    My weekend was less productive,I just lazed around at a BBQ and then watched a charity bike race.

    Happy editing this week! ;)

  8. Talei - My weekends are usually full of lazing around. :-) That's what weekends are for!

  9. Wow, you DID get lots done! I haven't had zucchini bread in forever. *hint, hint*
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  10. Sounds like a very industrious time for you! That always makes me feel good, whether it's writing or all the other bits of life. Getting off my bum especially, then I'm pottering around, doing whatever looks needy. Hope your week goes as swimmingly, but letting those achy muscles catch a break!

  11. Catherine - I'd send some zucchini bread your way if I could! I'm actually getting tired of it. LOL

    Anna - Yep. I always feel quite good when I get a lot done, writing and otherwise. :-)

  12. Congrats on the awesome weekend! I need a few more like that!!

    I know what you mean about the weather... I get so much less done - especially outside work - when it's blistering hot. It's been cooler here, too, this week and I've been much more productive as well!

  13. Wow, that is busy. I could do with a few like that. :)

  14. Heidi - I need a few more like that, too! ;-)

    Shirley - I wish my productive weekends weren't so few and far between!


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