Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How's the Writing Life?

How's your writing going? I'm still editing - and enjoying it, though at times, I feel like this novel is sucking my soul out of me. I suppose that's good - right? That means I'm digging deep and not just skimming the surface of my emotions.

The edits are slow - but this is how I work. I refuse to speed up and therefore, have shoddy results.

How about you? Where are you at with your latest work? Are you going great guns, or is the pace slower than an afternoon sitting in a cubicle at work? ;-)


  1. I'm editing too - going through about the millionth read-through of a short story collection. I hope it's the last time through! I've been through so many ups and downs of optimism and disgust with this project. Right now I'm feeling pretty good about it again, and hoping I can stay that way to the finish. :)

  2. oh gosh - I completely understand the optimism and disgust! There are times I've wanted to throw my laptop across the room, while other times, I just want to hug it. ;-)

  3. Hi Melissa!

    I just got a wonderful critique back and made most of the suggested changes, which actually mirrored those feelings I had way down in my gut, affirming the fact that yes, I did need to put in the work and change it. :)

    Now, I'm actually querrying! Ah! Fingers crossed :)

    Good luck with yours. Slow and steady wins the race ;)

  4. What you're doing is sort of like being in labor. It hurts something awful right now, but later, when you hold that "baby" in your hands, you'll forget all about the labor pains--for the most part, anyway.


  5. I have been writing more on 2 blogs now that my new study is coming together and my things are finding their proper shelf space. Since we are leaving on vacation, I've scheduled out a number of posts and feel exhilarated by all the writing I've done and planned.

    Melissa -- as a World War II history buff, check out my post about meeting the White Mouse at http://eastofparis.blogspot.com

    And, here's a shameless plug, check our my new blog at http://www.fffreedom.com It's about Finding Financial Freedom ... or trying to.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  6. Writing is going really well; I'll finish up a novel today, and I am so ready for a writing break! :))) That said, plenty to edit, what I plan on doing the next two months. The REAL NaNoWriMo starts in November, gotta be ready for that!

    Take your time with edits; no need to rush. Revising needs all the attention we can give it, perhaps more than the writing, or at least I spend more time on it. :)))

  7. Kelley - Oooh! Good luck with the querying!!!

    Linda - LOL. Good analogy! I never did forget the labor pains, though my daughter was COMPLETELY worth it all.

    Jasmina - Oh my goodness - you met the White Mouse??? Wow! I'm off to check out your blog now!

    Anna - So pleased that the writing is going well. Yay! I think I spend more time on the editing, too.

  8. Editing also but keep getting interrupted by the journalism side of things!

  9. Flowerpot - Those darn interruptions anyway! My editing keeps getting interrupted by the day job! ;-)

  10. My pace is slower than the afternoon cubicle choice with no windows in sight and the clock's stuck at 8:01! Ha.
    My Blog

  11. Catherine - I can SO relate. I'm stuck at the day job right now and time is creeping by...

  12. I have hit one of my biggest writer's blocks ever! :(

    Summer is going fast, time seems like it's racing away, and yet I sit with my metaphorical pencil in the air and draw nothing but blanks.

    But...today we are going to the fair and I think the solution may be to indulge in one of those terribly unhealthy funnel cakes:)

  13. I actually set my novel aside for a while, after a revelation that maybe I should take the fantasy out my historical fantasy. Sometimes fantasy elements can get a little too close to demons for comfort - at least that how it began to appear to me. So write now my work consists of jotting down notes about how to alter the plot and some of the characters...

    I think I know what you mean about a novel sucking the soul out of you - not in a scary (e.g demonic!) way but rather it's such an emotional investment, isn't it?

  14. Melissa,

    My novel is moving well, in the late stages, but it's a struggle suddenly to ignore everything else that presses. Job hunting etc.

    How do you do your Daily Reads section? Is it an RSS feed?

  15. Valerie - I hope you went ahead and indulged in your funnel cake! (Or if not, had a healthy dose of chocolate!).

    Margo - YES. This novel has definitely been an emotional investment, more so than any other one I've written. I hope that is a sign that I'm growing as a writer.

    Daniel - Job hunting, especially in this economy, is excruciating (I'm in the same position). I hope you have some great leads.
    On my Daily Reads, I use the application provided by Blogger and only look at those I'm interested in when they pop up. I rarely read everyone's blog every day - no time for that!

  16. Fun to read where everyone else is. Me, I'm in the throes of revision: 4th draft of current WIP, and it feels like it's taking everything out of me.


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