Wednesday, November 10, 2010

UPDATE: An Important Message

You would think it would be common sense: If you're a print magazine (or even an online magazine), and you see a photo you would like to use, contact the person who owns the photo.

Suzanne McMinn runs an amazing blog, Chickens in the Road. I have featured her here before as an intelligent, thoughtful, and altogether inspiring woman.

She is the victim of theft. Suzanne had one of her photos stolen and used in a magazine without her permission or knowledge. She has contacted the magazine and not only have they not recognized the photo as hers, but have refused to do anything about it.

This is unacceptable.

Suzanne is fighting this blatant theft, and if you'd like to lend her your support (because as artists, whether we are writers, photographers, or painters, we need to protect our work), you can visit her website to find out all the details, including information on where to email the publisher of the magazine.

And if you've never been to Suzanne's website, you're missing out! She is a former romance writer who moved to the wilds of West Virginia to start her own farm. She is funny, witty, and just plain awesome. And I'm standing behind her on this blatant disregard for her creativity and urge you to do the same!


Victory! The publisher of the magazine called to apologize, and is sending her a check to cover the use of her photo (plus a bit more). Read here. Thanks to anyone who helped spread the word! That is the power of the internet!


  1. Wow, that sucks.
    I have a friend who's an attorney for this kind of thing - it amazes me what people can get away with.

  2. I read about a similar story recently, via twitter. A magazine stole a story and photo from a blogger and there was an uproar online. So many people supported the writer, tweeted, set up a facebook page etc, in the end the magazine had to issue a statement and it was shut down. That was just last week too.

    I will check out your friends blog. I hope she gets compensation for this. This type of theft is frustrating for everyone who writes/posts/blogs online.

  3. Ah, there is a SHARE, which I couldn't see from the mobile phone (unless it's been added since). Now shared on Twitter, will try again from the phone to share on Facebook.

  4. Maddening! I'm wishing her the best.


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