Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summertime Blues

Ever have those mornings where you hit the snooze on the alarm clock too many times, finally lurch out of bed, and don't have the time nor the inclination to care what you wear for the day? And then, when you finally get to work and actually see what outfit you've chosen, you want to slink under your desk and hide all day long?

That was me yesterday. As a consequence of my bad fashion choice, my self-esteem didn't rank very high all day long, and by the time I got home, I just wanted to throw the offending outfit into the deepest, darkest recesses of my closet.

This has been happening too much lately. I can only attribute it to one thing: it's summer.

Not only does summer make me feel frumpy on the outside, but on the inside, as well. My motivation isn't where it should be, I don't sleep well at night (even with the fan constantly blowing in my face), and the season's flesh-baring fashions only shoot my self-esteem further into the water. Give me jeans and a comfy sweater any day! Even my desire to buy lots of cute sundresses has somewhat fallen by the wayside due to budget constraints and, well, the fact that some of us need a bit of support under those sundresses to make them look good. And those supporting items only contribute to making me hotter!
Point blank, summer makes me feel lethargic and grouchy and grumpy.

I don't see an easy solution to this as I cannot flee to some far-off northern country for the next two months, nor can I barricade myself in my apartment and exist on chocolate and Diet Pepsi alone (though I may lose some weight that way...).

So I've determined to find the small bits and pieces of this season that I actually enjoy and focus on them. Evening bike rides. Longer days. Thunderstorms. Picnics. Fresh fruit. Gorgeous flowers. Family get-togethers (4th of July!). Ice cream. Sitting on the deck in the evenings and soaking up the sounds of cicadas.

There. I feel better already.


  1. I can provide a solution to the outfit problem - I have this issue every single morning so long ago decided to decide what to wear all week on the Sunday, and have the outfits already to go on the rail. One less thing to think about at stupid o'clock in the morning.

  2. I'm not a summer person either and like your idea to find small pleasures in it. My garden, the beach, ice cream shacks, fresh fruits and veggies. It helps, and just remember, every summer day is a day closer to autumn!

  3. Diane - Now THAT is what I call organization! I don't think I could do that,though, as some days I completely change my mind three or four times on what I want to wear, even if I have an outfit planned the night before. I'm terrible, I know...

    Joanne - Oh, I can't WAIT until autumn!!!

  4. I need to do a little better at trying to find the good in the bad. Because there's always good, right?

  5. Billy - Absolutely! Otherwise, this world would be a dark place indeed.

  6. I always feel better when I'm a little covered up too. I only wish I could work from home and then I'd be able to wander around in a sarong all summer.

  7. Oh, Debs, I know how you feel. Shorts and a t-shirt every day while lounging on the couch with my laptop sounds IDEAL!

  8. Come to Seattle, it's 69 and breezy. ;)

  9. Robin, it sounds PERFECT!

  10. I adore summer, but then again, I don't have to deal with dressing for an office either! My clothes for the day make a huge difference about how I feel about myself. If there's any chance I'm going someplace with nice-looking people around, I have to wear something that makes me feel good. Accessories help, too... A cute bracelet or beaded earrings really jazz things up.

    I love your list of summer enjoyments, even though you don't just love the season. That's what I have to do mentally when it's cold out day after day.

  11. Chocolate and Diet Pepsi aren't the way to go?? Uggh.

    I bought new makeup today. Confession: I bought it from a flea market. No, it wasn't used! But still! Let's hope the new lipstick boosts the spirits!

  12. And here, we're not getting ENOUGH summer. As I type this, it's 65 degrees and my hands are freezing. I feel like crawling into a hot bath.

    I know what you mean about sundresses, though--they look so breezy, but they require support underneath! Regardless, I hope I get to wear one sometime before Labor Day...

  13. Summer gives me the fidgets. I just want to jump in my car and hit the road. I hate being stuck in an office pod when there is sunshine to be enjoyed!

  14. RT - I think I might be able to handle summer better if I didn't have to work at the day job. When I was young, I used to really enjoy summertime - I'd read all day long when it was hot, then go sit outside in the cool Western Nebraska evenings, and just love it.

    Jill - I still can't force myself to wear lipstick. I feel like a clown everytime I do!

    Christine - 65! Oh, I'd take that anyday! ;-)

    Kelly - I'm the opposite and don't want to go anywhere but my nice, air-conditioned apartment!


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