Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm really falling down on the job when it comes to blogging. Guess I just haven't had that much to say. (Ha! That's a laugh...)

So here's what I've been up to:

  • Revised my query letter for the last novel and started sending it out to agents
  • Researched obscure facts for my current work-in-progress
  • Started going to the gym again
  • Worked on freelance writing
  • Actually dusted my living room last night
  • Did laundry (which is still sitting in the laundry basket, even though it's clean)
  • Brushed my cat and realized I could stuff a pillow with all the fur I got out
  • Played thumb wars with my daughter
  • Contemplated taking a nap at least 5 times every evening
  • Bought groceries

Gee. What an exciting list. No wonder I've had nothing to say!

What have you been up to? Anything more exciting than dusting your living room?


  1. Sounds like you're leading a pretty normal life :) I hear you on the cat fur thing! We swear we could make another cat from all that which our cats shed.

    As for me, until two days ago, school work was what I was up to. Yesterday I updated my blog! And my iTunes!

    And tomorrow I have a shift at work :)

  2. Actually, I could see how all of this would take up most of your time. And besides, there's a lot to be said for just sitting and thinking - percolating the next writing project in your mind.

  3. Sometimes not having a whole lot of exciting things to talk about is a blessing. It's good to just have lull time. At least that's what I like to think.

    Plus, that is a pretty good list of things you accomplished. Good work!

  4. My life is a snore too. And I love it! : )

  5. At least you interacted with a cat and a kid! Not much going on here--out for a haircut today and prepping for my pitch at the conference in a little over a week:)

  6. Sounds like you're doing a pretty good job living life! I hope the query works out and PLEASE blog about that. Me? Still in limbo. I'm an optimist though. The year is still young.

  7. I vacuumed my living room. :)

  8. Melissa, You're querying, you're researching, you're working out, you're hanging out with your daughter and cat, you're taking care of your home, freelance writing and grocery shopping! What it sounds like is that life is very good right now! The very best wishes on your query, hoping you receive many requests!


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