Monday, April 05, 2010

Back At It

Last night I opened my WIP on my laptop for the first time in well over a week. What with the surgery and the recovery time, I hadn't exactly the energy to tackle it.

I really didn't have the energy last night, either, but I made myself do it largely because I was feeling depressed. I attribute that to being house-bound for almost a week, not being able to move very fast, sleepless nights, and just tired of being sick.

I was a bit rusty, but once I got going, I managed to get a few words down. I'm hopeful I can write more tonight, but we'll see. I'm finally back to work after being gone for a week and it might take all the energy I have just to get through the day. And then, who knows? My characters may start whispering in my ear this afternoon...


  1. I think you're doing well to write anything at all. You've been through a lot lately. Don't forget to take it a little easy.

  2. Love when that happens! Especially when it's taken so much effort to get back to it again.

    Wishing you well, Melissa!

  3. The rusty sounds will soon turn into well-oiled ones:) It did for me:)
    Thank you for your kind words. Maybe I need to just trust God a bit more.

  4. I hope your recovery goes well! I'm glad you're back at the WIP!

  5. I was sorry to read about your surgery, but hope you're feeling much better now! It must be a relief to at least have the problem fixed. And I have a sneaking suspicion as you get your energy back, those character voices will grow more and more insistent! Take care.

  6. Prayin' for you. Glad you've got some words down but please take good care of you. Get well. *hugs*

  7. I missed your last post! I'm so sorry hun!

    I'll keep you in prayers. Your characters just waiting for the right time.

  8. I'm glad you're working again, cos I gave you an award over at my place. :o)


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