Thursday, March 04, 2010

Brain Fog

This cold I'm fighting has put me into a very major brain fog.

Case in point.

Last night when I returned home from grocery shopping, I found two cans of green beans in my grocery bag. This is not unusual. But here's the thing. I do not remember putting them in my cart. My daughter didn't put them in and I'm sure there wasn't some kind stranger who decided to do me a favor. So it's obvious that I put them there, but have absolutely no memory of doing so.

Second case in point.

The night before last, I took some cold medicine because I simply couldn't stand the runny nose and hacking anymore. An hour later, I felt inexplicably drowsy and could barely keep my eyes open. I thought, wow, I'm really tired. But I didn't think a cold could almost knock me out. I looked at the label on the cold medicine and couldn't find anything that said "causes drowsiness." I even fell asleep that night on the couch. I remember telling people the next day that the cold medicine must have interacted with my prescription medication to make me drowsy and I vowed to stay away from it.

Until last night. I looked at the cold medicine box again and there it was under the warnings: May cause marked drowsiness.

Big sigh. I'm not sure how I missed that the first time I looked at the box.

Because of this brain fog, I haven't been writing. I don't think I could keep everything straight in my head!


  1. Poor you. Sounds like you're really suffering some Foggy Weather dear Melissa. I'm sure your daughter is looking after you well :) Speedy recovery, ok.

  2. There's an award for you over at my blog. Hope you like it.x

  3. Oh, I hate the brain fog. Hope you feel better soon!

    Re the green beans: Were you planning to buy them, or did you just randomly pluck them off the shelf? :)

  4. No, I was planning to buy them, I remember that much. I just have no recollection of taking them off the shelf and putting them in my cart!

  5. You could probably write some pretty trippy scenes if you wanted to, though. ;)

    I have the cold brain fog thing too - I think as mom's we go into autopilot and just do what we need to without thinking. Hence the automatic green bean purchase. I say don't fight it. Just let your body do it's thing! :)

    Maybe time to watch a little Colin Firth or Daniel Craig with a glass of wine and call it good!

  6. I did that same thing about groceries today! And I'm NOT on cold medicine!

  7. Don't worry. It's the cold, a befuddling symptom.

    I have no excuse for my brain hiccups. : ) Oh age, that's it.

  8. I agree with Mystery Robin up there. I do my best writing when I'm really, really confused, or after I fall down the stairs, or when there's a gas leak, etc. Trippy is the word.


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