Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Blogging Burn-Out?

In April, I will have reached a milestone with my blog: five years. That's pretty amazing. I've met tons of wonderful people, both in real-life and on the Web, and I don't regret starting this blog at all.

I used to be very faithful at posting every day except the weekends. Then I decided that was a bit too much to keep up with and started doing posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Lately, though, I just post whenever I feel like I have something to say.

I also used to visit everyone's blog every single day and leave a comment. I have slacked off in this regard, too.

I think I'm experiencing blogger burn-out. I'm tempted to take a few weeks off from blogging, but I don't want to lose my followers in doing so. Of course, the thing is, I usually can come up with something to post at least once a week. I'm a writer and writing is what I do. Sharing parts of my life with you is also something I do. And that's what this blog is all about.

What about you? If you've been blogging for years, do you still enjoy it or are you feeling a bit burned out, as well? Anxious to hear thoughts and opinions on this one...


  1. Several blogs I follow took a hiatus. I missed them, but the bloggers came back refreshed and I found them quickly enough! It's okay to take a break--just let everyone know ahead of time so they'll eventually come back!

  2. I'm burned out a bit. I don't post nearly as often as I used to and I'm okay with that. My writing is more important than my blogging anyhow. I'm just doing my best and I understand that you're doing the same.

  3. It'll be 4 years for me in April. I knew from the beginning I couldn't blog daily. I average a post about every 10 days, sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes I just don't feel I have anything worth sharing, and then it might be a few weeks. I'm OK with that. Most of my energy goes into my writing, and that's how it has to be.

    There's just so much energy and time to go around. We each have to decide how much gets allotted to what. You're a wonderful blogger, but if you need to scale back or take a break, you should feel free to do so. We'll find you again. :)

  4. I find it comes in fits and starts and also depends on what else is going on in my life. If I'm feeling a bit weary, I'll take a break or post some things I don't have to think too much about, just to keep the interest, like a quiz thing or an anecdote. But when I come back, I'm refreshed and so is the blog. Or maybe it isn't ...

    I do feel guilty when I take a break, though, because I moved away from home 6 years ago and this is how a few people keep up with me, including my dad even though he is on Facebook. But I've even switched Facebook off on occasions when I just want some privacy.

  5. I'm burnt to a crisp! I don't write blog posts ever - and I read and comment much less. I think it's cyclical for me. I'm hoping that I find the urge to blog again. One of many good things about the internet is, it's not going anywhere!!!

  6. Five years is very impressive. : )

    I'm at one and I'm pooped, feeling like I got nothing more to say. I do like the community, though.

  7. I do, yes. Sometimes I feel so worn out with the process (posting, maintaining, and visiting others), that I have to focus my efforts on another aspect of life (or just novel writing). I think this is when a hiatus is so important. (I've have two, I think?) It can refresh your perspective, and give others a chance to miss you. ;)

    Okay, Melissa, I know I say this at least once a week, but I love this background, too. You always find the best ones!

  8. I went through burn out last year where I would go long times without blogging. I just couldn't seem to be bothered. I think I'm over that for the most part, but I did take a break from it for a bit and it helped.

  9. I feel the exact same way as you. I keep waiting to get motivated again but so far it still feels more like a chore.

  10. It will be six years for me in May. I've been gone for months and I can't say that I miss it. However, I am feeling the itch again. As always, I see my blogging corresponding to my writing. I don't write, I don't blog. I'm guessing the urge to do both will come at the same time.

  11. I had a lot of other projects needing my attention last summer, both writing and nonwriting. So I took a full six weeks off, maybe even seven. Completely off, no new posts, no commenting anywhere. I did announce it though, and I did put up once a week repeat posts to keep it active somewhat. Your readers understand if you need the time, I wouldn't worry about taking some.


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