Sunday, January 31, 2010

At Last

I moved into my apartment in November of 2008. Since that time, I've been searching for the perfect picture to put on my wall. Apparently, this search took me more than a year to do, but I finally, finally found what I wanted:

This print, along with the frame (which I got at a discount), fits my decor perfectly. The words underneath read, "Home is where your story begins." I received these "wall words" as a Christmas present some time ago and was saving it for the right place. Guess I found it!

As a writer and a book lover, (not to mention a homebody), I think this all fits quite well.

Do you showcase who you are in your home?


  1. Definitely. Bookcases filled with all sorts of books, framed album covers, family photographs, coffee decor in the kitchen ... Home is where the heart is :)

  2. Why am I hearing the dulcet tones of Etta James ('At Last...') ? I think my home does reflect 'me' Melissa. I really must zoom around it with a quick video or photos so you can see. P x

  3. Oh yes, the room I write in has all these nutty things I love. I have two James Christiansen prints, a dragonfly quilt and sparkly star thingy. The rest of my house is sedate, though.

    Like your print. : )

  4. Absolutely. I think it's everywhere you turn, and I love that.

    Your new wall arrangement looks great! Sometimes, I have to wait a while for the perfect piece, too. But patience is key, and they voila! There it is, and the wait it over. Worth it, huh?

  5. Yes, my home is clearly a reflection of my husband's and my collective personality. He's a vet and I write. The place is a converted barn, liberally sprinkled with curiosities, and best of all, generously overlaid with "natural fibers" from our various dogs and cats!

  6. Oh, that's just beautiful. The quote gives me goosebumps.

    I've been meaning to paint & decorate my office since we moved into our house 15 years ago. The office is still plain white...but I've gotten a lot of writing done! ;)

  7. I like this! I have books everywhere you turn:)) And also pictures with some quotes I like too:)


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