Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Because It's Too Funny NOT To Share

My daughter didn't have school today. Thus, I told her she could fall asleep watching a movie last night. Which she did. Two movies, in fact, as I found out this morning. Although I was not pleased by her subterfuge which led to a decided lack of sleep, I at least knew that she could take a nap on the drive home to western Nebraska.

Anyway, I thought she might be just a bit tired today, but this was confirmed when we were getting ready this morning.

She came out into the living room and said, "Mom, what is wrong with these jeans???"

She had them on backwards.

"Umm," I said, trying not to laugh, "they're not supposed to go that way."

She looked down at her pants, realized what she'd done, and burst out laughing.

We're still laughing about it. What a memory!


  1. Poor girl! You two will be giggling the rest of the week.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy your time home.

  2. Hm, sounds like a scene you can definitely use in a story ;)

    Have a safe journey and wonderful holiday!

  3. I'm so glad you both burst out laughing. =]

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Yes, I agree with Joanne this would be perfect for a scene!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. I've done that, and I don't have the excuse of lack of sleep! BTW, was wondering what you think of Band of Brothers. I've got Nothing Like it in the World on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

  6. Oh that's hilariouis! What a precious memory! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Have a great trip and a fantastic holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. There are mornings when I could do that too. :o)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


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