Friday, August 07, 2009

It's a Date

Since I took a nice vacation last October, I pretty much burned through my vacation days for the entire year. So really, I haven't had any time off since, oh, about six months ago. That's quite awhile to go without a day off, other than the customary holidays which, let's face it, are never really a day off.

Next month, I get all my vacation time back. And I think one of the first things I'm going to do is take a day off and do nothing but work on my novel.

It's been crazy the last few weeks. I get very
focused on researching the novel and getting my mind prepared to write, and then life gets in the way. I know this is normal, but I really just need an entire day by myself to get my head on straight instead of the customary few hours after work or on the weekend when I'm trying to balance time with my daughter and cleaning the house and doing other odd things. Now I'm not going to necessarily wait until next month to wrap my head around my next work-in-progress...but it will be nice to just have a single day solely dedicated to it.

So. I've got a date with
my novel next month. When's yours?


  1. I don't have any full days coming my way, since toddlers aren't apt to give PTO. I know I could ask DH to take them for a while, but then I'd just wish I were along with them! I'm on the "chip away at it" plan. My goal is a humble 500 words per night, which has me finishing this draft around mid-September and ready to query at the first of the year. Here's hoping!!

  2. Oh sounds really cool, Melissa! To take an entire day to devote to your novel. I may have to request a day off for that too!

  3. September 9. Actually, September 10. That is my kid's first full day back to school. I think the first day will be spent having a long breakfast with mimosas.

  4. Today!! LOL I am all alone today and plan to do the rest of my revisions so my critique group can finish up soon too with it:)
    You need a day now and then to wrap your head around things. I'm glad you can finally get one!

  5. August 20th. The day my boys and wife start back to school and I am off.

  6. I stood up my novel a while ago and it's refusing to take my calls. ;)
    No, I'm going to be working on it all this week. =]

  7. Good for you. I hope you are able to ignore everything else and have a whole day with it!

  8. You could also take a day off and DO NOTHING. Those are always good every once in a while, and it may recharge your batteries too.


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