Monday, August 31, 2009

Crazy Weather, Writing, and Mad Men

Nebraska is known for its hot summers. In the eastern part of the state, where I live, it's known for its hot, humid summers.

Then why am I sitting at my desk with a blanket around my legs, shivering?

It could be because the air conditioning is cranked up in my office building. Or it could be because it's not even 70 degrees outside. It's probably a little of both.

Yesterday, I sat on my deck and actually shivered. It was chilly. This feels more like October weather than August! Yet we've hardly had any really hot, miserable days this summer. While this makes me very happy (as I despite hot, muggy weather), it's also making me wonder what's to come for fall and winter. Early snow? Lots and lots of snow? (I probably won't be complaining, especially if it comes around Christmas!)

I know other areas of the country have been super hot. Rene told me the other day they were expected to reach 106 degrees. That very same day, I had a blanket wrapped around me!

Nebraska weather just doesn't act like this during the summer. But I'm not complaining. ;-)

Writing News...

Hmm. There is --no--writing news to report. Bad writer, bad! But honestly, I think my brain needed this break. Instead, I went shopping with my daughter on Saturday, and Sunday, I spent the day cleaning house, reading, and relaxing.

Mad Men

I am officially a Mad Men fan. I'm all caught up and am just waiting to watch last night's episode on the 'Net when it becomes available (as I still do not have cable at home). It's a great show - crisp writing, gorgeous costumes, and characterization that blows you away. It's weird to watch something so politically incorrect or where everyone smokes all the time and drinks at the office. The character of Don Draper, though, is, quite simply, amazing. Multi-facted and dynamic, Don Draper is the main character of the show and utterly fascinating. He's also drop-dead gorgeous.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers do with the show in the coming episodes. Should be good.


  1. I haven't seen Mad Men, but John Hamm hosted SNL last season, and he IS good looking!

    We've got the same cool weather, and I love it! We discussed yesterday that we may indeed have early snow.

  2. I sense that fall nip in the air around here--ah, bliss.

    Mad Men is on my to do list. I hope to be mad about it too.

  3. Weather is weird all over - we had an unusually hot and VERY dry summer here this year (still a campfire ban in effect!) and Ottawa had the wettest summer in YEARS.

    I'm going to have to Zip (Cdn equiv to Netflix) Mad Men - so many people I know are raving about it!!

  4. Oooh. I'm intrigued. I'll have to check out that show.
    BTW, love the look of the blog and I'm sorry about the cold weather.

  5. Is Mad Men as good as Lost, Mel?

    I've been watching Lost for weeks - one episode a night. I'm near the end of Series 4 and shall soon need a replacement prog!

  6. Hmm...John, I don't know if it's as good as Lost, but then again, it's a completely different type of show. I think you'd enjoy it.

  7. I would hate to have to do anything in 106 degree heat. Poor things.

    I haven't really watched Mad Men. Shall have to do so when it returns here for the next series.

  8. Oh, Don Draper will definitely be a hero in one of my books--meow!

  9. There's very little on TV that makes me say "I have to be home by xx o'clock to watch..." but Mad Men is one of those kinds of shows. I even love the opening credits; fabulous graphics.

  10. We're still halfway through Season 2 on DVD. I absolutely agree with you--it's a delight. Subtle, gorgeously written, gorgeously filmed, and (esp in the case of John Hamm) gorgeously acted. Don Draper is the most intriguing character on television.


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