Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All You Gotta Do...

My daughter is an artist. This is something she drew last year at the age of 8. These are characters from the Pink Panther cartoon. No, she didn't trace them, but instead looked at the pictures on the DVD case and drew them. Believe me, I checked! I was in complete awe when I saw this.

After I picked her up from daycare yesterday, we were talking about the drawings she'd made that day. Lately, she's really been delving into her imagination and coming up with some wonderful pieces. I said, "You are such a great artist! How do you do it?" and she replied, "All you do is think of something and then make it come alive."

Such wisdom from a nine-year-old, wisdom that pertains to writing just as much as it does to drawing.

That's what writers do. We think of something - characters, plot, theme - and through our words - description, dialogue, etc. - we make the story come alive.

If you're struggling today with your writing, just remember: All you do is think of something and then make it come alive.


  1. I wonder how much easier it would be if we didn't gradually become creatively crippled by negative experiences? Telling your daughter she's a great artist is exactly the right thing to do to make her become one. Too many people have their early efforts crushed by negative comments, and they simply stop trying. Keep on feeding her, Mel.

  2. Oh my word is your daughter talented!!! I couldn't even draw a stick figure at that age!!! I hope she keeps at it if she loves it!

  3. That is some of the best writing advice I've ever read. Your daughter has a gift by the way.
    ~ Wendy

  4. John - Thanks for the encouragement. I'm trying to get her into an art mentorship program through her school. She's so talented and she loves what she does.

    Terri - Thank you! Yes, God definitely gave her an amazing gift!

    Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping by! Yes, her wisdom just blows me away. Out of the mouths of babes...

  5. What talent; such great advice!

  6. What a wonderful talent she has, and she's so young. Cool beans, as my girls say. Looks like art will play a vital roll in her life--a fantastic way to be alive.

  7. Chip off the not-so-old block!

    Come dance at the Haiku Hoedown if you need a break. :)

  8. Your daughter has the right of it. I do think we overthink everything. We are inhibited by our doubts and fears.

    As you say, out of the mouths of babes.

  9. Anonymous11:12 AM

    My grandaughter is a reflection of her mother. . . . God has blessed them both with wonderful creativity and well - they just have good heads on their shoulders! I am so proud of you both.:-) Love ya!

  10. Isn't it great when our kids teach US something?? That's awesome, and she's a very talented little girl. Smart, too!

  11. That anonymous comment is me of course - still learning this blogging process! Love, Mom

  12. Oh,I love all the expression! She is, truly, talented. My 8 year old is artistic, too - they'd be great pen pals! ;)

    I am always astounded when someone can draw something that creates emotion. I have less than zero drawing skill and am always in awe of it.

  13. Amazing art work! and wisdom. How blessed are you? :)

  14. Janna - Thanks!

    Rebecca - She is always drawing. It is so neat to see what she comes up with every day.

    Angie - I used to draw a lot when I was her age and through school, but I see so much creativity in her work that is far more advanced than anything I ever did. :-)

    CKHB - That's what I thought, too. :-)

    Rene - Somewhere along the way, we lose that child's view of the world. This is good in many ways, but in creativity, I think it's a hindrance.

    Hi Mom! Thanks for the beautiful words. Love you, too!

    Sharla - Oh, I know! My daughter has taught me so much through the years.

    Robin - My thoughts exactly. She really captures the emotion. I hope I do the same with my writing. :-)

    T. Anne - VERY blessed! :-)

  15. I'm impressed with her talent, and logic too.

  16. Wow! She's an excellent artist!! And very wise too!

  17. She's a wonderful artist - and you're a wonderful mom to nurture her talent and to listen to how wise she is at 9.


    I'm going to keep those words in my head today...and see if it spurs me to write what I've been avoiding!

  18. She is an incredible talent! And wise far beyond her years.

  19. Debs - Me, too. :-)

    Jody - Thanks!

    Amy - I hope those words helped today. :-)

    Debbie - Thank you!

  20. WOW!

    Her drawing ability is far beyond her years. She's been given a gift, and she's aware of it because of you.

    You're acting as a facilitator in her self-actualization. You're showing her the way to herself, and it's like a magic ring that she'll have for the rest of her life. For a child to have such a facilitator is a rare thing and it's a tribute to your parenting.

    God bless you.

  21. That's creativity in a nutshell. It truly is that adults, we add too much complicating "stuff." Your daughter is wise as well as talented! :)

  22. Randy, since you yourself are a talented artist, I thank you for your praise. :-) Who knew that that little baby that used to tag around with us during the Benjamin Bean years would grow up to be an artist? :-)

    Christine - Thank you. And you are so right - if we could just hold on to that child-like innocence with our creativity, I think we'd be much happier.


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