Thursday, July 23, 2009

Low Motivation

Boy. My motivation is shot. I get involved in a project and do ok for a bit, but then my attention span wanders. I'd like to blame it on the massive heat wave we're experiencing except...we're NOT experiencing a massive heat wave. Instead, the July temperatures have been unusually mild. The other morning, it felt like autumn outside.

Maybe it's because my mom is visiting for the week and we're usually chatting or I'm listening to my daughter play the piano (she just started taking lessons from my mom) or we're watching my cat stalk yet another bug. Basically, I'm doing anything but focusing on the writing. Oh, I went to our university library yesterday and picked up some incredible books that will be invaluble in my research, but I haven't dived into them yet.

I suppose that's ok.

Summer has never been a very motivating time for me. Heat zaps my energy. The long, lazy days make me want to just sit and read a book and do little else.

But when fall rolls around...ah. Bliss! I love that season and that's when I think I am my most motivated - especially when it's too cold to go outside.

Does summer motivate you or are you like me - enjoying the lazy aspect of it?


  1. I love summer but it has seemed to drain my motivation and my time. There's just so much to do during summer! Hope you're enjoying yours! =]

  2. When I get busy with summer activities, vacations, trips, packing, unpacking, company, etc. it is much harder to stay focused!

  3. The heat has definitely had an influence. I don't think it has killed my motivation so much as made it uncomfortable to sit in front of a computer. The heat makes it hard to focus as well as the constant noise of having my kids around. But those are excuses and I think if I just buckled down, I'd be productive.

  4. I have to agree with you.

    My mother stayed for a few days last week and I did no writing at all. It's good to have a break, chat and do other things, I think it lets our brains absorb information that we can use when we are ready.

  5. It's hard to be motivated when you have company. Just enjoy your time and get back into when she is gone:)

  6. It definitely makes my mind lazy. I just want to enjoy the sights and smells. I like the feeling of not having anything pressing, no schedule, just messing around, getting funny little things done that please me. Better enjoy our summer selves. Come the fall, you and I will be both deep in our heads again.

  7. Sometimes you need a break to refill the creative well. Give yourself a sabbatical for a few weeks. Choosing to take time off will feel better than just letting the time trail away.

    I have to be motivated year-round, or I can't pay the bills. A stack of bills on the table is quite the motivator.

  8. I'm very productive this summer, but I'm not very motivated. I'm kind of missing my summers off.


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