Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost Writing Time!

I have used this particular photo lots of times in my blog posts. Why? Because it just signifies peace and tranquility for me. I would love to be sitting near a pond or river, notebook in hand, dog by my side. Well, I have the pond and the notebook, but no dog. Think my cat would tag along? ;-)

I haven't wrote anything fiction-wise for a few months now. Instead, I've been deep into my research and character sketches. The last three days have been quite fun - I am actually reading a book and taking notes, just like I did in high school and college. The information has been fascinating. That's the geeky historian coming out in me. I've found some amazing primary documents that have added an entirely new dimension to things. Finding them on the internet and being able to print them out is sheer heaven! (Sorry, I really geeked out there).

Now, though, I finally feel that I have a good grasp of the historical background for the next novel. I simply couldn't start writing until I had this information in hand. Now that I do, I'm hopeful that the official "start date" of the novel will be quite soon.

I can't wait.


  1. YAY! I honestly don't know how you do all that research. I like to write from what I know --much easier. Glad to hear your excitement about your next book! Are you querying your other one?

  2. You have such amazing tenacity! I admit, I get bogged down in research and get discouraged. I just want to hop into the story. *Sigh* I need to develop patience.

  3. On your marks, get set....

  4. Yay for history geeks! *stands and applauds* The best part is when you find something that really sparks the imagination. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. I'm TOTALLY with you! I do that research first too, and sometimes I feel like I'm back in college! But I love it too! It's exciting when we finally get a grasp of the plot and feel the freedom to finally start the story.

  6. Fantastic. One of my favorite things when I research an historical period is to read diaries and letters from the time to get daily details and speech rhythms.

    Going to the local, county, or state archives makes me unbelievably happy!

  7. Go you!

    I always felt at home among other geeks. ;)

  8. Ohh, how fun. I know for me it is so easy to get lost in the research. I have to remind myself why I'm doing it.

  9. Research gives me a rush too! Especially when it is getting me somewhere. Good luck on your official start, sounds like you have a great base to help it run like clockwork.


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