Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Confessions of an Old Soul

I am an old soul.

I collect old magazines. Old photographs adorn my walls. Old music plays from my old-looking stereo. I like old movie stars and old books, old houses and old cars. I like browsing in antique shops for old lamps and old knick knacks and old tea cups. I like old statues weathered by time.
I like old buildings and roaming around old villages and towns and taking pictures of old things.
I listen to old radio shows.
I like old letters and old diaries.
I like old people. One of my favorite persons to talk to is my grandmother.When I was in England, I enjoyed talking to old people the most. They actually wanted to talk and didn't have a set of ear buds in their ears, tuning out the world, or a cell phone glued to their fingers.

I like listening to old stories from my old relatives. I like thinking about old times and how the people lived.

But even more than that, I am "old" down to my soul. I like old-fashioned values. Family. Church. God. Loyalty. Hard work. I keep my eyes open to the modern world, but eschew its influence in many ways. I do not have cable. I often sit in my living room and listen to music while I embroider or read a book. My daughter does the same - though it's usually art or tiger research that she's working on. She plays with her toys and uses her imagination, creating these fantastical worlds where she loses herself for hours.

I take joy in the simple things of life - a cup of tea, a conversation with a friend, a nature walk, a bird's call, playing UNO with my daughter, watching my cat chase a bug or watching my daughter feed the ducks.

I don't text. I don't use my cell phone for anything other than phone calls. I don't have an iPod and when I take a walk downtown for lunch, I open myself to the world around me - all the noise and beauty and wonderment - instead of lifting myself above it and drowning it out with music.

Sometimes, I feel out of place in this constantly evolving world, one where modern technology has often taken the place of a simple conversation using complete words and voices.

I cringe when I see a young kid showing no respect for his elders or when I witness simple manners being replaced by a misplaced sense of entitlement. (I've been cringing a lot lately).

I've come to embrace this about myself. This is who I am - a mixture of old and new. After all, I love the Internet (oh, the old things I have found using it!). I love email. I love modern medicine. I love indoor plumbing!

But at my heart, I am old-fashioned. And that's ok.


  1. Great post, Mel. You know, I don't think we appreciate the wisdom of our elders enough. I was talking to my mom today and was blown away by how much she knew about herbal medication.

  2. Other than old radio and movies and antiques adorning my house (though I do appreciate them)...we are practically one in the same :).

    I love old people and old values. I won't get started on how upset most young kids make me today--the lack of respect and disconnect--because it infuriates me. It's sad because a kid learns from his/her parents and those obnoxious parents out there are ruining society--see don't get me started ;)...

    Melissa, I bet you have a very wonderful and respectful and interesting daughter!

  3. I love that you know who you are and are happy that way:) I too love old things--love antiques, love personal history about a person--the stories they tell about what made them who they are.
    You are one of the best kind of moms--the kind who cares more for the little girl before you than the other stuff of the world that could draw you away.

  4. It's better than okay, it's wonderful! And one of the things I love about you the most. You're not only an old soul, you're a peaceful soul.

  5. I've never considered myself an old soul, yet I gravitate toward and love all the things you mentioned. I tend to think I just have a connection to the past - the early 1900's specifically.

  6. Rene, your mom's knowledge just staggers me. ;-)

    Aw, thanks, Jenna. I'm trying to raise her with this mentality and I hope I succeed!

    Terri - Thanks for your kind words. :-)

    L.T. - I never really thought about it before, but you're absolutely right - I DO feel peaceful. For so many years, I wasn't at peace (of course, that could have been the bad marriage!). But when you truly come to embrace who you are, that brings about an immeasurable comfort to your soul.

    Amy - I think I was born with my love for the past. Odd how the historical periods I like have changed over time, though. It began with the Civil War, progressed to the French Revolution, Regency England, and now World War II. Of course, I'm still a sucker for anything from the 18th and 19th centuries.

  7. I like old people too. Some of them anyway :)

  8. I think its okay too. I think maybe we'd be better off if more people thought that way. :)

  9. Wonderful! I love old stuff too. I recently checked out Hollywood Homes from our library and just couldn't put it down. Many early screen star's homes were featured. Fascinating!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Toni - Agreed. *grin*

    Kelly, I think we'd DEFINITELY be better off! But that's just me.

    Jill - Oh, that sounds like a great book! May have to get that one.


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