Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Goodness sakes alive! I have been super busy lately - and I don't like it one bit! I'm one of those gals who would rather go home from work, have supper, get some chores done, than have three hours in front of me to write, relax, read, spend time with the kids, etc. before I have to head to bed.

But it ain't happenin' right now.

We got a new puppy. I wasn't ready, but my daughter and stepsons were, so now we have an adorable little black cocker spaniel puppy to care of. His name is Jasper and he's a poopin' machine. (Aren't all puppies?) But fortunately,the kids are in charge of taking care of him. I cried when hubby brought him home because, well, it wasn't Charlie and I simply wasn't ready for a new dog. I know that I haven't let myself grow too close to him yet - and that's ok. I think it's too soon for me to feel that way over a new dog. (Will provide pics of "Jasper" soon.)

So we've got the puppy and all that a puppy entails to add to the mix of busy-ness. Then there's the bedroom moving. Since we've got another kid in the mix now, we've had to switch bedrooms around which has entailed going through a lot of my daughter's stuff and throwing away a ton of it.

I've also been on the hunt for furniture since we couldn't very well drive to Kentucky with our gas-guzzling vehicle and spend a fortune on gas to pick up his furniture there. So I've been shopping at thrift stores and looking at Craigslist for items.

And THEN...well, it's almost time for school to start. Paperwork galore! It's driving me a little batty just how much you have to fill out every single year. And when you have to enroll a new student, well. Let's just say that you have to spend more money for physicals and everything else.

In the midst of all this, I've been going on long walks to get my exercise and I've also actually been cooking dinner for once instead of throwing together quick meals like Tuna Helper. Heh.

What does all this busy-ness mean? Besides me falling into bed every night exhausted, I'm also not getting the chance to write. And that has made me very frustrated. I was all set to dive into the manuscript last night, but alas, there's just too much going on.

Tonight, however, I plan to park myself in front of the laptop and get to work.


  1. I feel for you! At times it feels like floundering with not a single minute to spare in the day. Keep your chin up! Life will calm down soon...

  2. Man, I hope it calms down soon, Christine! It's driving me a bit batty. I only managed time enough last night to write about 1/4 of a page. Still, I ended the chapter and it's better than nothing, right? ;-)

  3. Wow - so I won't ever complain again about being too busy!!

    I hear you on the new puppy. I remember feeling so guilty the first couple of weeks after we adopted Chloe and Cleo (2.5 weeks after George died). I'd wanted to do it, but the moment we got them home, I wanted to cry because they weren't George. It took a few weeks to move past that. I thought how strange it was that having other cats made me miss him more rather than less.

    Good luck getting all that stuff sorted out!

  4. Schedule in a few hours two to three days a week, even in the midst of the busyness.

    Your husband will have to deal with puppy and children. That's the way it is. Don't let it slide.

    Your job isn't sliding -- and writing is your second job.

    Congrats on the puppy -- even though you felt it was too soon, they always come into our lives when it's time.


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