Monday, November 05, 2007

Reasons to Love the Weekend

What a great discussion we had from Wednesday's post. Loved it! And I answered each and every one of you in the comments section. Would love to keep the discussion going!

(Had to share a pic of the kitties - brother and sister curled up next to each other. Awwww...)

Alrighty. Weekend activities. Here goes.

Picked up Slick (the black cat in the photo above) from the vet. He got neutered. Poor guy wasn't too happy when I brought him home, but it's in his best interest, y' know. ;-)

Deep cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. Vacuumed. Did laundry. Did dishes. Bought this dress (in red) for my company Christmas party. Cannot wait! It has a vintage feel to it that I just adore. In fact, I plan on doing my hair circa WW2-style - or maybe a good Veronica Lake style. And then I have to get the perfect shoes, of course! I'm thinking of these.

Spent a little too much time surfing this wonderful hang-out and finding all sorts of cool info.

Tried to work out details for my new WW2 book, and even had my husband writing down ideas. And of course, I came up with a ton of stuff - now it's narrowing it down to what I really want to work on.

Slept in Sunday morning - and was very grateful that we had to turn back the clocks and hadn't done it the night before, so when I woke up, I realized I had an extra hour! It made for a nice, long day.

Went and got groceries, worked on housecleaning a bit more, then hopped on the treadmill and my ab machine for a good, hard workout. I'm blogging about my weight loss with a few gals from across the pond (Hi, Diane and Kate!) and it helps so much to have others on the journey with you. I stepped on a scale last week and my worst fears were confirmed - I did gain 10 pounds back. AAAARRRGHHH. Ah well. I'm back on the wagon again. I have healthy meals for my lunches this week and have started walking and working out again.

Writing plans for this week include typing up a synopsis of my WW2 book and ironing out the details. I also have to write a speech on the origins of Veteran's Day - I'm speaking at a senior citizens' center. I spoke there before and thoroughly enjoyed it.

(Gotta throw this in there...If anyone is interested in starting a blog devoted to writing WW2-era stuff, email me at melissaamateis at earthlink dot net)

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! I think the dress will look fabulous, you'll have to post pixs!

  2. Love that dress and those shoes! You'll look va-va-va-voom indeed :) Your lucky dh!!

    Our weekend was equally busy - we split our time between house stuff and visiting with my brother/sister in law and the kiddies.

    Cute cat pic. And you can tell Slick that Cleo says boys have it waaaaaaay easier when it comes to being fixed. But she sends extra purrs anyway *g*.

  3. Tess, I've tried to comment on your blog but keep getting an Internet Explorer error message when I go to it. Wonder if it's just me?

  4. Love, LOVE that dress! Too cute! I always have to wear a blazer or something equally warm to our Christmas party because it's always FREEZING in there.

  5. I'm going to try this again because internet explorer isn't letting me comment.

    The dress looks great and I think the shoes would be perfect.

    The furbabies are gorgeous!

    I worked Saturday morning and then read all afternoon. Sunday I watched a movie with Bebo and then settled down that evening with the Cowboy game. Go Cowboys!

  6. Stunning dress and shoes (and blimey, your clothes in the US are so much cheaper than in the UK!) - you'll look gorgeous.


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