Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tears of Joy

Last night, my daughter wanted to do her reading homework. I was ecstatic. But I was even more ecstatic when we practiced her spelling words and she got every one right. I had tears in my eyes and hugged her over and over. She was so proud of herself! And I was proud of her!!!

If you'll remember a few months ago, I blogged about my fears over my daughter's reading skills. She really struggled for awhile. But thanks to wonderful teachers and the Reading Recovery program, she is doing much, much better. In fact, tonight she picked a book off her shelf and said that she wanted to read it to me. How awesome is that?

In Writing News

I'm in the midst of the Great Agent Quest and have sent out several queries over the past week. We'll see if anything comes of them. I'm editing and trying to remember to have fun with the language. With that kind of perspective, it really makes a difference in my attitude. I'm hopeful that I can dive into the manuscript this weekend and really get to the nitty gritty of things. I'd love to take a day off, but unfortunately, we're short-staffed at work at the moment and I would feel too guilty about leaving. But I am taking an extra day's vacation for Thanksgiving, so maybe I'll get some writing done then.


  1. That is great news. And hidden in the great news is even better news, a parent like you who parents with passion.

    Good luck in Queryville.

  2. Yay! What great news! You must feel relieved.

  3. That is fabulous progress, Melissa. Yay for DD!

    Good luck with your agent search. I should be more proactive with mine and send out several queries. Right now I've only got one out. Hmmm...thanks for the thought.

  4. Since I've met your little girl, I can just imagine the impish smile of pride on that little face. She is so adorable! And I can well imagine why you had tears in your own eyes.
    Best of luck with the agent search. Please keep us posted.

  5. Yay!!! So great when they start to love books :) My daughter is doing really well with her reading and I'm proud of her too. Amazing what little people can achieve

  6. Good for your daughter! That's so great to hear. :)

    Best of luck on teh agent queries and the edits!

  7. Yay for reading! You'll make a writer out of her yet. :D My 7yo daughter loves to read and wants to be a writer, but the 5yo...well, she wants to be a pop star.


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