Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Can You Ever Have Too Many Books?

Hubby is building a long row of bookshelves along our basement walls. They're going to replace one of our larger shelves that is stacked full of books and is not very stable. It was a freebie at a garage sale and the wood is warped. It's just a matter of time before the thing teeters over.

Now I'm faced with moving the books from that shelf over to the new one. Not a very daunting task, of course, but I'm wondering if I really need all those paperbacks. I can justify my history books by saying, "I'll need one of those for research someday" and that has happened on more than one occasion. But for all those paperbacks, I just have to wonder - will I ever read them all? Or would it be better to release them to the world?

I'm thinking I'm going to do some serious weeding over the next few days. Let's face it - there are books on that shelf that I am never going to read. Why keep them around? I think a used bookstore in town is going to be very happy with me in a few weeks.


  1. I have a library. It wasn't always a library. It was once a spare room. Now it is a room with many, many bookshelves. Several years ago I ditched about 200 books.

    I keep the good ones around to pass on to my children. I read a lot of children's lit (being a children's writer), which is good for my young readers.

  2. I don't think you can ever have too many books. However, it is good to have a clear out from time to time, and it's a GREAT excuse for going out and buying lots more!!

    Sue :-)

  3. What fun to talk about our libraries! All the walls in my basement office are lined with bookshelves. My books are arranged by category (contemporary romance, Nebraska history, thrillers, etc.) Then, within those categories, the books are arranged alphabetically by authors' last names. I've culled out about all I can. And you know, over the years, I've read, re-read, and used them for projects. Call me obsessive, but I love my books. It gives me a sense of security, just knowing they're there.

  4. You're talking to the chick who just bought 52 books over the weekend.

    No, you can never have too many books.

    Another alternative to the used bookstore in town is to put them u on BookMooch, get points, and get more of your research books there.

  5. I have so many books it's ridiculous and embarrassing. I need to weed them out cos a lot of them I'll never ever read again...


  6. BTW, I buy many used books on Amazon. It allows me to buy more, and makes my wife happy.

  7. Regarding your comment on my blog: How about paying yourself to edit?

    Literally, give yourself the fee -- whether it's from checking to savings, or some other way -- pay yourself as a professional.

    It might work!

  8. A person can never have too many books, but that being said, if you don't have room for them...

    I give my books to the local women's shelter and our library.

  9. There's a certain comfort associated with shelves full of books. Even if they likely won't soon be read, they give a room - and by association all who are within it - a sense of warmth.

    An empty shelf, by comparison, is a sad and lonely place.

  10. You should consider donating them to a shelter in your area if there is one. That way it goes to a good cause and you won't feel guilt about writers not getting royalties from second hand book sales.

  11. I cleared out a lot of books about five years ago--just didn't have the room. I'm having fun collecting again now that I have the space. I'm turning my office's walk-in closet into a library. Retirement communities are good places to donate books as well :)


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