Friday, November 10, 2006

How to Quit Smoking Tip #1: Guilt

This is my daughter's contribution to her How to Make Dad Stop Smoking campaign. Apparently she made this poster at school one day and brought it home for her dad. And y'know what? It's worked. Hubby has felt so guilty about smoking that he's been smoke-free for three days now. :-) My daughter has been quite happy and eagerly told me the news yesterday when I went to pick her up at daycare. Hubby has tried to stop smoking several times now, but the nicotine habit is a hard one to break. I also happen to think my daughter is pretty darn talented at drawing - she's only six. And although she doesn't have all the words spelled right (the saying on the shirt is supposed to read "I like my family"), she got her point across.

I hope to tackle the manuscript this weekend. When I looked over my first chapter, I had a "d'oh!" moment. How could I not realize how none of it moved the story forward? Ah well, I think Tess is right - it's part of the process.


  1. Guilt works. When I was 3 the Cdn Cancer Society had these commercials that were fairly ghastly. One was a flamenco dancer who was dancing about and smoking. She basically started coughing and then fell to the floor in a heap. So every time it came on I would throw this hysterical fit because my Dad smoked. Finally he felt so guilty about me being worried he quit cold turkey. That was about 35 years ago. Hasn't smoked since.

  2. I remember what it was like too - we went through all the "Smoking will kill you" stuff and school and I begged my dad to stop. He managed to once for three years, but then went back. And it probably did play a part in his death. Glad to hear your dh has listened to his daughter! Your little girl is one smart and talented cookie :-)

  3. Not to brag or anything, but I've been smoke-free since April 23rd, 2006. Well, maybe bragging a little, but I'd smoked for over 30 years! Here's the trick - you have to have an impacted wisdom tooth pulled -- then when you smoke, it'll make you physically sick. It worked for me!

  4. Oh wow! Good for her and your husband.

    You too Elizabeth

  5. LOL! Good for your husband. When I was a kid, my sister and I did everything we could to get Mom to stop smoking, including hiding all her cigarettes in the hall closet. She finally quit when I was 35, after she'd smoked for 40 years.

  6. My husband quit smoking last year for about six months - then stress from his job got to him and he took it back up.

    I so wish he'd quit!!!

    Good for your hubby. I hope he's successful.

  7. I quit 3 times, and have been smoke free for 3 years, thank God.

    I was in the Army near Richmond, Virginia. Philip Morris gave us cartons of cigs for $3. It was easy to smoke back then.

  8. Please get your daughter to email my daughter!!!


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