Monday, July 20, 2015

Writing: Setting the Mood

I'm a person who loves to be cozy. During the autumn and winter months, I thrive on snuggling under blankets and wearing long sweaters. I love sipping hot cocoa and making thick, hearty soups.

I need to feel cozy when I write, too. It sets the mood, makes me feel comfortable, puts me in a safe, warm place where I can put my thoughts on the page without fear of reprisal. That's why I usually can't write in busy cafes or parks. Being around too many people makes my introvert nature scream.

On summer evenings, being cozy can be a bit tricky. Using a blanket is likely to give one a heatstroke (especially in the middle of July) and sipping cups of warm cocoa just makes me hotter than I am already (thanks, menopause!).

So what do I do? I light candles. I turn on my lamps (no harsh overhead lights for me!). I turn on my classical radio station. I don't need to worry about shutting off the television because in this room (my living room), there IS no t.v. - and that's on purpose. I wanted a room I could retreat to without the lure of the blaring box. And of course, my cats always join me. (I'm beginning to think cats are integral to the writing process! Or maybe that's just me).

Lulu and Slick - being cozy!
One feature of summer that I thoroughly enjoy is listening to the cicadas singing outside. They're singing right now as I type this, and it's soothing and calming, reminding me of those long summer days when I was a kid and had nothing better to do than read all day and enjoy the freedom from adult responsibility. Oh, if only to go back and have a summer like that again!

Combined, all of these these things help put me in the mood to write. And for a few hours or so, I can forget the outside world and immerse myself in my fictional world.

How do you set the mood for your writing time?


  1. I love the photo of your cats - so cute!
    What a great way to be 'cosy' in the middle of a hot July.
    For me, I need complete silence to write. So, like you, no writing at cafes etc. I wish music did help, but it doesn't; I do like it when I can hear the birds twittering though. And this especially cold winter is making me realise I like to be warm,but not hot, and have some sunshine.

    1. It's so weird to think that you are freezing in July! :D I sometimes have a hard time writing to music that has lyrics, so instrumental is often the best kind of music for me.

      Oh, the kitties...they are so much in love!

  2. I can relate to this Melissa. I prefer quiet, coziness when I write. I don't even like music in the background .... a few cicadas or a purring cat is fine accompaniment though!

  3. I need quiet too - I can't write with any music going on as I just can't concentrate!

    1. I know there are times when I need absolute silence, too!

  4. I can write with a TV or radio blaring, but I have trouble writing when the kids are outside playing or if people are talking too loud. Music just flows around me; voices do not.

    1. I've tried to write with the tv on, but I always end up getting distracted! :) Though sometimes, I will put on a classic movie that I've watched a million times before (like "Laura") and I can write to that since I already know the movie by heart. :)


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