Saturday, October 26, 2013


I'm always behind the curve on the latest trends. It's rare that I jump on the bandwagon as soon as something becomes popular. I'm not quite sure why, but maybe it's my natural reticence to like anything in popular culture because I much prefer the culture of yesteryear.

I was late to the Downton Abbey party - I didn't start watching it until Season 2 started.

I was late to the Stieg Larsson books, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

I was late to the Twilight series - I never read the books and didn't start watching the movies until the third one was out simply because my daughter took an interest.

I was late to Twitter, but now I thoroughly enjoy this social media.

I was late to the Big Bang Theory show, and now it's one of  my favorites.

It took me forever to read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford and it was an incredible novel.

I was late to Mad Men and didn't start watching until the third season began.

I didn't get texting on my phone until a few years ago. Now it's an essential tool.

And now comes my latest obsession: The Walking Dead.

I actively avoided watching this show because I'm not a fan of zombies and I really have no interest in a zombie apocalypse. Plus I hate gore. But then my daughter and my husband started watching it on Netflix, and I happened to watch a few episodes. Yeah, there's a lot of gore, but I tend to ignore it because the human drama in this series is so compelling. As a writer, it's fascinating to watch the characters grow and change in lots of different ways.

I am now totally hooked on this AMC original show - and very late to the party, seeing as how Season 4 just started a few weeks ago. Thanks to Netflix, I've been able to get caught up. It's an addictive show and it's very hard to only watch one episode and then wait until the next night to watch another one. No, we watch two or three in a row.

This means, of course, that I've hardly gotten any writing done. But seeing as how I haven't been feeling the best this week, perhaps vegging in front of the t.v. is the best thing for me.

Have you ever been late to the party on something that's very popular in culture?


  1. I was late on Mad Men as well and binge watched it, but I think it's liking eating too much at one sitting and now I want nothing to do with it. So I didn't watch the last season.

    I'm still late to the twitter party.

    1. I watched so many episodes that I was dreaming about the Walking Dead! I'm glad I'm all caught up now. No more marathons like that!

  2. I LOVE The Walking Dead! My sister and I are obsessed with it. I, too, was a bit late on that ball. I bought the first season on a whim before the start of the second season and was immediately hooked. It took a little convincing to get my sister to watch. I like how the creator and writers are quite unorthodox with how they approach the series, stating countless times, "It's not IF they [characters] die, but WHEN they die."


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